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  1. Peter

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Great glad to hear! Doctors might feel confused to hear about it. All in all MMS is chlorine dioxide, wich is a water soluble gas used for water disinfection. And other industry applications So go figure hows that something like this help with hppd right? It will help only if you take it according to some instructions, disguised in the mms health and recovery guidebood, you can google it. Just letting you know. Let me know what happens! Greetings from Spain!
  2. Peter

    Can’t handle this much longer

    By the way, only thing that calmed me down didnt affect mybhpod worse was kratom. But that was just me. Be careful as i always say.
  3. Peter

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Brother, know how you feel. Been there. Got 95% back using chlorine dioxide, also known as MMS. And improving every day. I feel i will be back 100% . By now, i can say im functional and recovered. You can check out about MMS in the webpage of the discoverer, Jim Humble, Jim Humble.is . You have to take it according to some instructions tho, so it can work. I watch some testimonies about MMS reverse autism, parkinson, alzheimer, arthereosclerosis, and depresion whith success. So maybe it has somethig to do with all that and hppd. I just tried it in a desperate attempt of improving my situation somehow. And it worked!! I mean, i had not heard any time before anyone using it for hppd before i just gave it a try. So I registered myself here, and telling this to see if other people that may take it recover. Im really curious because i do really feel this might be somethig big. I was pretty much disfuctional. I couldnt sleep for a month and a half, and was trippin all the time. And by tripping , i mean tripping. No kidding. And it was not just tracers and yabba daba lala hppd. It was thought tripping, and time perception tripping, and having lsd thoughts and sensations all the time and feeling how my body was at the brink of disintegratiing and I felt like in any moment i will have a ego death and felt like i was gonna die. And derealization depersonalization and desesperatnes, and thinking i will never come back. And dont ask about the risk factor of visiting a psychiatrist, he being a douche bag, discsrding the possibility of hppd, and giving me antipsychotinc and mood stabilizer meds right ahead. Thank god i didnt took any of these. If I did i pretty much know i would be cronifyed. And from that, to be almost back to normal... Man ! That something really worth looking into! Its a fucking miracle. Hope you get well soon. Check out about all of these and hope it helps you out Peace brother!

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