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    Tactile HPPD

    I got hppd from using DPH, I only used it about 4 times but I still got some hppd. The visual symptoms are almost nonexistent, however, the worst tactile symptoms are very apparent. My symptoms get a lot worse at night, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body. I'm used to it but it's still torture. I used to have these same sensations a few years ago but they went away (Before I touched any drug). Also, thinking about it seems to make it worse. Anyone else have tactile hppd? Also, has anyone experienced mind pops now that they have hppd? I'm very concerned because I read mind pops are the building blocks of hallucinations. The formication along with the mindpops aren't getting any better as time goes on, I'd actually say that they're getting worse. Am I going to turn schizophrenic or get early onset dementia???? I heard that dph use can lead to early onset dementia.

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