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  1. I have 2 grams of DTM, 2 grams of Changa, 2 grams of 4-ACO-DMT, and a $350.00 mininail arriving on Monday. I am 51 years old, posted here yesterday, and the more I read the scarier it gets. I am ready to just throw it all out. I just wonder if the DMT alone would be safe for occasional use, once every 2 months, but I have a feeling I will not hear the answer I want. Thank god you someone created this site.
  2. I did mescaline two or three times when I was 16 years old but never again. No visuals or anything like that, I just had a great times laughing and hanging out with friends without feeling sleepy. Recently I tried DMT but no breakthroughs or visuals, everything just got really strange and beautiful. Below you will find some interesting things that happend to me while NOT taking any drugs which lead me to want to try DMT at this point in my life. Strange episode #1 At the age of 17 I was playing tempest at the Pizzeria, a game I was never really good at, in fact, I was never really good at any video game, but suddenly I was the best Tempest player ever. People piled into the Pizzeria and gathered around me because no one had ever been able to play as long as I did. Everyone was excited for me and talking about it. What I saw as I played the game was that I could easily see some sort of pattern and that the game was no longer a challenge, I had 3 lives, and I saw clearly that I could play forever. I became convinced that it must have been a bug in the game software because it was just too easy, so I asked one of the kids I knew to be a very good player to take over. As I walked away I heard three explosions. He did not last a minute. So it was real. I felt very strange and I looked into a mirror on the wall and I noticed my pupils were gigantic and my ears were red. As I sat down I noticed something else, I felt as I had this increased understanding of everyone around me and a feeling of love for everyone. It was like some sort of enlightenment that allowed me to see how people felt inside. I stayed there for hours and strangers seemed to be drawn to me and it was so easy to talk to everyone. I went home and the next day I was back to my old self, shitty at video games and just a regular kid. Strange episode #2 At the age of 20 I was laying down at around 1 in the afternoon when I noticed what looked like crop circles in 3-D, no colors, on my wall, as if bulging out of the wall. They started appearing and changing slowly and then picked up an incredible amount of speed, thousands of shapes. They disappeared, and then I saw sheep, deer, lamb, and other gentle animals laying next to me. They would appear and disappear all around me and I was not afraid. After that, I saw flocks of tiny birds inches from my eyes, they looked the way birds look when they are really high in the sky, there was a fluidity in their motion, but they were right in front of me. Next came spiders, coming down from the ceiling and now I was getting scared. I could not move for all this time until now, and I sat up and the spiders were still there for about 30 seconds and then disappeared. Fast forward...I am 51 years old. Nothing like what I described ever happened again but I definitely had this feeling all my life that there was something within me that I had a glimpse of in the past and that I wanted to experience again. I have been reading about DMT for about 10 years now and I ordered some. I took a little bit but no break through and no visuals, I just noticed that things got a little strange. My friend took the same amount and although he smoked it with skepticism (fireworks in your mind he thought) he later told me there is another place he visits, the same place each time he smokes, he sees buildings and beings and he feels he is receiving information. He returns from these experiences telling me he has worried too much about meaningless crap all his life. So now I purchased more DMT and a $350 mininail to make sure I do not burn the DMT, I am aiming to have an experience since up to now nothing has really happened for me. All this and today for the first time ever I hear of HPPD and now I am questioning if I should go forward with it as I am a concerned even though it is rare and seems to happen to people who use a lot of LSD and Shrooms. Just hoping for some feedback from others. What did you take that caused HPPD? how much and how often before it affected you? TL;DR I want to smoke DMT but I am afraid of HPPD. Has anyone here suffered from HPPD just by smoking DMT a few times and no other drugs? Thanks!!!!
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