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  1. nice!
  2. NO! Kava made my hppd a lot worse. I highly recommend that you do not use it.
  3. would you say it permanently worsens your symptoms?
  4. Does alcohol seem to have any permanent effect on any of you guy's symptoms? If so, please describe what worsens. I am aware symptoms can be temporarily worse during a hang over, but I am only wondering about permanent worsening,
  5. i experience this aswell. but it all depends on the severity of your hppd and the brightness of the light
  6. thank you for the advice. but i have full blown hppd. i have visual snow, depersonilazation/derealism, streak behind objects at night, etc. Im just saying that the symptoms dont necessarily limit me from doing what I want to do
  7. Hello, well after having hppd for a few days over a year, I have started considering treatment options. So far I have a fork in my "road" to treatment. I feel like on one path I take an anti anxiety medication for the rare times when I feel like my thoughts are overwhelming me(might as well be Klonopin since it helps for visual symptoms supposedly.) My other path is I get on keppra to try to stop the symptoms. I want to describe how my symptoms affect me so you guys can better help me choose a path. As of now my symptoms aren't limiting me in any way (except for a small visual and mental limitations) I would love to be cured of hppd for the rest of my life but i feel that if I were to take keppra,(beeing that I am young) I will be somehow damaging my body since i will be taking it daily for 60 or more years. I have a weird feeling that it will somehow cause brain problems, or that it will be very hard on my liver. Is there a possibility that I will be able to take it for an amount of time and then stop taking it without my symptoms coming back? If you guys have anyother options I would love to know. Sorry if this makes no sense but I am really tired right now. Thanks in advance
  8. ill be donating blood in a week or two so ill note if there is any effect, but im preaty sure i wont be loosing half of a liter like the website suggests
  9. very interesting thread here, http://hppd44118.yuku.com/topic/863/CURE-FOR-HPPD#.ThUehoLEKSo does anyone believe it?
  10. ok well today i just found out about derealization. i read a website with all the symptoms and it seemed preaty similar to what i am mildly experiencing in addition to hppd. well anyways i was driving and i felt like i could not controll my body what so ever. i got the scarriest feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it felt almost as if i were having a flashback of some sort. I am 100% convinced that it was triggered because i read about it today. so i want to know if anyone that has seeked treatment for hppd has had their derealization dissapear.
  11. thanks for all the advice guys. I am still getting steadily worse and worse, last night i looked into the mirror and my reflection looked totally foreign to me. and i got the worst fear ive ever had in my life
  12. why dont we make a time that works for everyone then? hahaha
  13. feels like hppd comes in pulses

  14. Time and time again I click on the chatroom icon and there is nobody on. I say that on Sunday June 5, 2011 starting at 8:00pm pacific time we all have a nice group chat. Hope to see you there
  15. for me it has made my eyes very sensitive and i can see pieces of dust floating across the room. I think the real advantage of having it is the gained wisdom, to learn from your mistakes and not dwell on them