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  1. I have HPPD for like 1.5 months right now. This week my snow, static vision and also tinnitus got a bit worse. At first the only way I could see snow was looking to the sky. Now I can see it almost everywhere. What could have been a trigger for it? And how to avoid these relapses?
  2. Gabriel S.D

    What can be a trigger for visuals?

    Thanks for the replies! It's really strange because I don't use any meds, coffe or drugs. I'm starting thinking this happened because of the food I've been eating these last days (yesterday for example I ate a lot of pizza, a bad idea I guess). I'll try to cut heavy carbs and see what happens (a semi keto diet). In a few days I tell if there's any noticeable improvment. Peace!
  3. Gabriel S.D

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Hi, I didn't know adrenaline could be a trigger tho. I'm going to pay more attention how I feel after the gym haha. I don't know if there is any doctor who knows hppd in Brazil, and if there is it must be really expensive haha, so maybe just waiting and beeing healthy can be the solution in this case. I'm taking thiamine because of the depoiments and It's something necessary for brain health, I haven't found any side effects related to it. But of course, if I noticed any side effects I would stop taking it. And also didn't know u had it for so long (years), nice to see you reached so far. Anyway thanks for the advices, and update us about your improvements! Good recorver 4 everyone
  4. Gabriel S.D

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Hi Johan, sorry for late reply haha Actually my hppd isn't that bad, it's most noticeable when I have to sleep for example, the simptoms gets more appearent (mainly the tinnitus) or when I'm in bright places and snow visual gets more intense, including photofobia and afterimages. There's also some strange symptons that appears suddenly sometimes. But the good part is that most of the symptoms already disappeared (like head tingling and DR). I think I'm eating healthier than before the hppd, there's a lot of foods that are triggers like gluten, nightshades, heavy carbs. The part of drugs, yeah, I think I'll never use any drugs again (just medicines). I used to drink coffe twice a week but I stopped when hppd came. And bro I've some questions, do you take thiamine? I saw some people telling it helps a lot, I started taking it Friday, I'll see the results. What are your main triggers? Do you make any special diet (like keto diet)? Anyway, thank you so much for all tips! (sorry 4 bad english haha)
  5. Gabriel S.D

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Hey Johan, nice to know you are recovering. I just read this discussion and I found some really useful tips. I got hppd a short time ago, and this is definitely going to help. Hope all you get better!
  6. Gabriel S.D

    My HPPD Guide

    Thank you so much, these tips are going to be helpful!
  7. Hey! I'm not experient but I'll tell some stuff that I read on this site. As I could see caffeine, gluten and glutamate can make your symphtons worse by locking your neuroreceptors or something like this. There's a relate too that says that headaches medicines are not very good. And thiamine seems like one of the most helpful suplements. I personally have a better night when I take some vitamins before sleeping. I'll link the posts that explains this better haha

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