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  1. Do any of you have muscle twitches ? I have it since 1 and half year after trip
  2. subzero

    VS Simulator

  3. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    It's normal for ppl to experience after image to some degree . But what is not normal when you experiencing it a lot of time
  4. subzero

    Getting worse... Can't take this anymore.

    You should get some help . Go to a psychiatrist to get some help he will prescribe an antidepressant with some benzos (i prefer clonazepam) to help you cope better . And tell your doctor about your new symptoms . Benadryl (is antihistamine) may increase your visuals temporarily .that what happened to some users here . I hope you getting better soon
  5. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    Sadly it never went away even after stopping antidepressants
  6. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    According to what Dr. Abraham said all antidepressants are safe for hppders except nortryptline . But in my experience mirtazapine (which is tetracyclic antidepressant) triggered my mild motion blindness 😕
  7. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3408614/
  8. subzero


    I will do ECT soon because of my depression related to hppd , any experience ?
  9. Good . Keep us updated
  10. subzero


    I haven’t done ECT because my depression became more manageable (i use antidepressants) if your depression is severe or u r suicidal it will help u but I don’t think it will help visuals . Keep us updated
  11. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    There are many types of VS ( but the two main are pulse type and broadband type). Picture showing the broadband type and video showing the pulse type https://youtu.be/wPjHOkSWvRM
  12. He improved from anitbiotic ?! Wow ,Placebo effect is stronger than I thought
  13. subzero


    For dizziness you can go to ENT doctor to check your inner ear . Anxiety sometimes causes dizziness so you need to calm yourself and eliminating stress as you can
  14. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    Eye floaters is very normal that all ppl can see , i have something to say to u (YOU HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM ALL DRUGS) and you will be fine
  15. subzero

    HPPD Story & Introduction

    Locking himself will increase depression and anxiety. go and do what before hppd you always do , whatever happens to you ,you will develop coping skills to make your life more easier
  16. subzero

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    @jbalsa2 wow ,, I'm very happy to hear that you are getting better . Keppra is very good drug , my uncle used it to help his vision after stroke and found it very helpful
  17. subzero

    Can’t handle this much longer

    @Johan0987 you are doing the right things ,I want to inform u that benzos sometime can worsen your depression temporarily while tapering and that what happened to me so i thought it's the end and i became really suicidal (I was on depressed state which made my feelings about visual worse) . My depression is very manageable these days but my anxiety is high after waking up and it's slowly getting better during the day . This drug is very good for somatic symptoms of anxiety . I use propranolol 10mg is very good and sometimes it helps me even psychologically keep going and DON'T GIVE UP
  18. subzero

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Mirtazapine triggered my mild motion blindness (akintopsia)
  19. subzero

    Can’t handle this much longer

    @Johan0987 hi 👋🏽 . Sorry to hear that and i hope things becoming alot better , btw what medications u r still taking ?
  20. My point is to discuss the link between visual phenomena and 5-ht2a receptor ,, and sorry for my grammer 😕
  21. Trazodone is a potent 5-ht2a antagonist and has akinetopsia (motion blindness)side effect for some users LSD is 5-ht2a agonist and has showin to affect or enhance frame rate for some users according to https://psychonautwiki.org https://psychonautwiki.org/w/index.php?title=LSD&_=
  22. I want add something (my hppd triggered by mirtazapine (which is 5-ht2a antagonist)after 1 and half year of my trip ,

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