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  1. subzero

    VS Simulator

  2. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    It's normal for ppl to experience after image to some degree . But what is not normal when you experiencing it a lot of time
  3. subzero

    Getting worse... Can't take this anymore.

    You should get some help . Go to a psychiatrist to get some help he will prescribe an antidepressant with some benzos (i prefer clonazepam) to help you cope better . And tell your doctor about your new symptoms . Benadryl (is antihistamine) may increase your visuals temporarily .that what happened to some users here . I hope you getting better soon
  4. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    Sadly it never went away even after stopping antidepressants
  5. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    According to what Dr. Abraham said all antidepressants are safe for hppders except nortryptline . But in my experience mirtazapine (which is tetracyclic antidepressant) triggered my mild motion blindness 😕
  6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3408614/
  7. Good . Keep us updated
  8. subzero


    I haven’t done ECT because my depression became more manageable (i use antidepressants) if your depression is severe or u r suicidal it will help u but I don’t think it will help visuals . Keep us updated
  9. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    There are many types of VS ( but the two main are pulse type and broadband type). Picture showing the broadband type and video showing the pulse type https://youtu.be/wPjHOkSWvRM
  10. He improved from anitbiotic ?! Wow ,Placebo effect is stronger than I thought
  11. subzero


    For dizziness you can go to ENT doctor to check your inner ear . Anxiety sometimes causes dizziness so you need to calm yourself and eliminating stress as you can
  12. subzero

    am i developing hppd?

    Eye floaters is very normal that all ppl can see , i have something to say to u (YOU HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM ALL DRUGS) and you will be fine
  13. subzero

    HPPD Story & Introduction

    Locking himself will increase depression and anxiety. go and do what before hppd you always do , whatever happens to you ,you will develop coping skills to make your life more easier
  14. subzero

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    @jbalsa2 wow ,, I'm very happy to hear that you are getting better . Keppra is very good drug , my uncle used it to help his vision after stroke and found it very helpful

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