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  1. many thanks for the response
  2. hello every one my English is so bad but i will try my best a year ago i eat an edible and about 1 hour i had the worst trip ever and i didn't use trip drugs ever before the next day every thing is fine and after one year my doctor give me remeron and i was depressed because of tinnitus spike then after 2 weeks i noticed something wrong with my eye it is similar to Inconspicuous akinetopsia or mild motion blindness this symptom i have it for about 4 weeks now and my doctor changed the remeron to effexor xr seroxat zyprexa and clonazepam my doctor don't understand what is wrong with me he said that i have anxiety and this problem comes from it . my motion blindness i can see it when objects moving or people moving i dont have flashback or (type 1 hppd ) is hppd type 2 curable ? i need some help please

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