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    Do I have HPPD?

    Hello, The last 2 years I tripped almost every 2 weeks on Acid or Shrooms. Then something odd happened, I didnt got any real visuals anymore even though I shouldnt had any tolerance anymore and while on high doses. Also odd was, that when I smoked weed I got visuals which were more intense than these from LSD or shrooms. Then something terrible happened: I got my first real bad trip on 4 grams shrooms and smoking some weed. Everything looked really ugly and I felt terrible... I thought Im in a complete different dimension which looked so different in a bad way.. Soon after did I got HPPD, maybe, I dont know. I think I have some symptoms, but they are just very weak. The only really significant symptom I have are eye floaters which really annoy me. But also I see often visual snow but then its so weak that I dont know if I really see it or if I just imagine it. Also Im very sensitive for all kind of drugs. Coffeine makes everything stronger and I even get anxiety. Also when looking at a cloudy sky I saw some white dots. Do you think I have HPPD? I can give up any drugs, no problem.. But I hope I dont have to give up Ayahuasca, with these magical drink I have made some of my best experiences of my life.. I will work for one year in Bolivia south America and wanted to attend a retreat. Do you think Ayahuasca is dangerous for me? Can it make my HPPD worse if I have it? Thanks for the answers.. greets from Germany

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