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  1. it's interesting, because long long long time ago, my hppd got also 100% cured, one afternoon, after having a smart drink ( back in 1998 ), a brand that now does not exist anymore. It came back later after one night i microdosed shrooms, that same year, long long time ago.... I always wondered if the "smart drink" very experimental in those days, had a correlation with the sudden complete recovery i had that day. I did dig a lot into taurine supplements as I suspected the drink was heavy on it and guarana. Maybe it was just a coincidence.....but who knows. I tried heavy taurine, even for my workouts, but never got anything out of it. Can you tell me what exact brand you have been taking ?
  2. I totally discard any psychosomatic explanations. Anxiety is a consequence, not a cause.
  3. According to recent researchs, Visual Snow is mostly due to hyper activity in the visual cortex. It's not something you can just train not to see watching a video on youtube. It's not a psychosommatic phenomenon either. It's just there in the cortex, and it's possible to diagnose it. I had actually an abdnormal EEG back in the days, and it looks like a form of epilepsy over excitabilty, when you get the right stimuli (patterns, chessboards, flashing lights, etc...) Any one else tried to have an EEG with similar results ? You must do an EEG and be tested on the visual sight with patterns, grids, strobe lights, anything that bothers us. I would be interested to know if anyone else has been tested this way ?
  4. I can feel your pain, in fact, I believe also the condition is not related to a bad trip, but when you had one, it won't help for sure getting rid of the anxiety. The trip, good or bad, is only the trigger in the brain, same as antibiotics , flue shots do for some other people... It's not clear yet what's the mechanism that induce VSS. You must still find your thing to reduce your anxiety, to reach the ground level of our pathology : The list is well known already : relaxation, breathing, eating healthy, sport, work, psychotherapy, yoga, anything that will once for all clear up the trauma of getting hit by such a ...curse, and the guilt that comes with drug use that turned "dramatic" for your sanity. I guess overcoming that feeling, is why some people get better once they do psychedelics again. (bad idea) Then, you will be at the same level as anyone else struck by VSS.
  5. As i was saying, for us, stacks all the noise of the trip memories... and the anxiety loop. Once you get rid of this loop, and realize the condition may actually have not much to do with the substance you took (could have been anything else), you be left with a clear VSS pattern The same "persisting hallucinations", are experienced by anyone who has Visual Snow Syndrome. Shall we keep calling them "hallucinations", by the way ?
  6. There is little snow and floaters that many people have at some point in life, and there is Visual Snow Syndrome : It's definitly not a little inconvenience you can just learn to ignore and practice yoga over it : https://www.visualsnowinitiative.org/diagnostic-criteria/ It's a physiological condition due to hyperactive visual cortices
  7. In the end, i believe Hppd is Visual Snow Syndrome. VSS can be triggered by many unknown factors, antibiotics, infections, and so on...it's still pretty unclear. I believe "drugs" is one of the triggers amongst others : MDMA, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Ketamine, and so on... Except in the case of hallucinogens, VSS stacks over this drug use background. and confuse us even more in the diagnostic, as it takes a few months to totally evacuate side effects of hallucinogens and what i will call over all , unhealthy lifestyle . The time to recover, and get back on your feet ( doing sport, quitting all drugs, getting good food habits, ....) , you will be only left with a full blow "ordinary" and characteristic visual snow syndrome, that will be feeding the anxiety loop already introduced by the drug experience, specially in case bad trip occured When you contract VSS by other factors, without having used any strong psychoactive, the path stays hard, but definitely less questionning and odd. And the process to acceptance is faster and less anxious. To me , it's so obvious : The problem with the HPPD community, is that many of us will also confuse and mix/add light or heavy mental pathologies to the VSS, because, we (drug experiencers) are in some way more sensitive and outofthebox in the first place. That's what's make it so hard to define and confusing because we have more variety and cases reported that not always match the proper symptoms reports More than ever, we should look closer to the VSS research, and team up, as the way we contract it, should also lead them to more find more clues. For reference : https://www.visualsnowinitiative.org/diagnostic-criteria/
  8. Just wait 60 to 90 days, chill and get good emotions, stay with loved ones and avoid stress. It might just vanish in one second as it came.
  9. That's exactly what i do since 20 years. My brain is similar as a child one, I have an unquenchable thirst for new things to learn. I guess that's what made me "successful" in my lifestyle. Never tried real meditation , but i will try to .
  10. Many people are shy to talk about it, because they are afraid that their symptoms are due to mental illness. Open up and ask your family, parents, brothers, grand parents if they ever had the following visual snow syndrome symptoms : - seeing snow-like dots all over the visual field. - continuing to see an image after it is no longer in the field of vision - impaired night vision and seeing images from within the eye itself - seeing small floating objects or flashes of light. - migraines, - ringing in the ears (tinnitus), - tremors, `- balance problems , vertigo and fatigue. - feeling of detached from themselves or from the world around them (depersonalization). - anxiety and depression. - All began in young adulthood or after drug intake. These are all common symptoms in HPPD and Visual Snow Syndrome. Please, take some time to ask and report it here.
  11. I really wonder how hereditary are HPPD and Visual snow syndrome..... What if hppd was just a dorment triggered Visual Snow Syndrome I know my own father had a very thought crisis when he was a teenager...sadly, he found his "cure" in a deep dive into extreme religion, back in the 60's... Mmmm.... What if actually he had just a strong visual snow syndrome ?
  12. It's a bit strange, but i remember back in 1998 when i had my first hppd symptoms, my brother (who was smoking weed occasionally with me at night) told me in another context he had for a whole week felt like he was stuck "in a dream" , so depersonalisation episode. I always wondered if it was just a coïncidence or if we have been exposed to something , back in the days.
  13. Ok, interesting. Ever heard of a mother / son transmission, then, in those cases ?
  14. Question about the bacteria / fungal infection theory : Do we know any case of person born with "hppd/visual snow syndrome " ? If the condition is acquired (by drugs or specific physiological conditions for VS) , there is a big chance the cause is a crazy mix of environnemental triggers. It could be a conjunction of something + something + something Any known case to this day regarding people born with visual snow syndrome ?
  15. "probiotic drink called kefir " he made a home made cocktail...mmmmm Any news from that guy ? I tried keto diet 6 days ..very very hard to keep. Anyone went longer with results/no results experienced ?
  16. Currently experimenting , just to thick that box. Sage food supplement 3x450mg / 2 times a day Will leave comments
  17. it's very funny because i remember long time ago i saw on a french channel a tv documentary about shamens , and he was called to cure a girl that was "stuck in the spirit world", ...seemed like hppd to me how they described it. The shamen came and used Sage to cure her, but i remember he burned it and she has to breath the fumes. What a coïncidence.
  18. Why wouldn't you be able to get permission ?
  19. One of the most accurate and smart article written about HPPD : it clears up the "flashback" myth...(still on wikipedia), the "mental disorder" supposition ...and the rest. My only regret is that she did not talk about Visual Snow Syndrome. Guys , send love to the author @m00shian ! https://merryjane.com/health/the-hppd-debate-is-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-real
  20. That's what i'm preaching . VISUAL SNOW SYNDROME is identical to HPPD, except one is triggered by drugs, the other one has unknown physiological causes. You have Visual Snow Syndrome :
  21. Did you try CBD oil at low dosage ? I'm in the same situation and get sometimes still anxiety peeks. I did 8 month of lamictal last year, tremendously helped. Now, using CBD oil low mg at night and melatonine to get a good sleep. Overall, that's what does it for me.
  22. Thanks much for your answer, Still, any good energy is welcome, you're right. On my point of view, this is how hppd / VS evolves in time , and how it ressemble a lot to Visual snow, and why this similitude should be researched in priority : - Brutal outburst, Day 0 to year 1 : generates a lot of panic, anxiety and can worsen any pre existant mental condition - For HPPD in fact, versus VS, the difference is the sudden outburst, more brutal and that can come with trip "flashbacks" - This is the main difference between VS and HPPD. Most people will recover from that episode spontaneously, and consider it as a mental breakdown, or mild teenage psychosis If at that point, it does not go away during the next 6 month : - settling Year +1 to +5 - the symptoms shared by both HPPD and visual snow settle, and start do look identical - how people react to that psychologically may vary a lot depending on individual. I believe many VS patient go into depression and suicidal tendencies too. This phase is crucial. Any wrong diagnostic or wrong medical orientation at that point can totally compromise phase 3 and literally freeze all chances of recovering a normal social life. It might seem very naive, to say so, but at that point, all is needed is : love, support, understanding, confort and a very very healthy lifestyle. I would not recommend any form of psychiatric medication at all, or any kind of psychiatric diagnostic. - acceptance : year 5 to ...99: Once accepted, only the cognition disorder will remain, and fluctuate, until the old days. Once the symptoms are fully accepted, most of individuals will have normal lifes and no further need of psychological support. This period, to me, match at 100% to what patients with visual snow experience from day 0 to 99. in fact i really believe the cure sits in the same place as the one for visual snow, same as Lamictal works on both pathologies in the very exact same way. Once Visual snow is cured, and there is a lot of attention on it, these days, we will probably make a lot of progress too. I'm sorry about my epidermic reaction , I know you have good willing intention , it's also deeply anchored in my own beliefs that psychiatry can provide precious help, but can also focus unproductive attention on the wrong patterns and consequences of this neurological disorder.
  23. I have to disagree profoundly on the "mental disorder" qualification and also ranking HPPD in the field of "addiction disorders" Visual Snow Syndrome is not a "mental disorder" also up to this day. HPPD can be acquired on one single substance intake, means it does not relate specifically to the world of drug "addictions" The cognition disorder in fact can have a serious and negative effect on individuals, and therefore, create mood and mental disorders as a consequence. I strongly believe the cause behind HPPD and Visual Snow Syndrome is more of a functional neurological dysfunction to start with. Still, i'm not scientist, and proof has to be made. I understand that many good willing psychologists and psychiatrists have to be involved in the research, but i believe precious time and misleading info will spread if we try to solve the problem by only observing the various and very real "mental" consequences. I have to agree with K.B.Fante that researchers should in all cases team up with the Visual Snow Syndrome community (some recent studies already are like, the one conducted currently at the University of Sussex, UK)
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