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  1. same question, and same issue, my visual snow is the last symptom really really still present this day
  2. After a lot of research, i came across this medical review : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3736944/Very interesting and rare hppd study. Overall, it seems that Lamotrigine has been able to cure long term HPPD like mine is , and for good, or significantly decrease visual disturbances and symptoms. I'm actually testing nootropics on many levels, but i'm willing to step-up to more epileptic oriented drugs. Anyone has more input about Lamotrigine on long lasted HPPD (mine is about 20 years old...) ?
  3. I did not try Oxiracetam yet. I also like GABA, it kicks something at the right place, without fixing it still.
  4. I'm currently experimenting many nootropics, lion's mane , so far is the best to land your feet back on earth. I think the first month of HPPD are the ones with the best chance of full recovery. After, your brain rewire himself differently.
  5. I had my hppd first symptoms 2 month after a giant shroom trip when i was 18. Same intensity. One afternoon later, i was outside with friends, and the change of light between clouds and sun, triggered a memory of that trip. I went exactly into the same reality melting experience you describe. maybe a little less intense. It will all calm down, don't worry. just go with it. but my vision never really came back normal. and i'm like super sharp in my mind, but foggy at the same time, strange. Like super intelligent...in a bit of an autistic way...
  6. Can you give us a precise description of the exercise you did practice, so that other people can try it ? You've been taking acid while doing it ????
  7. very interesting, please keep sharing ! I you find something that works with your visual snow , i'm very interested also It's funny, because 20 years ago, when i was trying to figure out why i was feeling so weird, ( nothing about hppd existing at that time, and internet was brand new...) Well a neurologist diagnosed me "epileptic" after some electroencephalograms measures. He gave me Depakine.....at that time, i was so depressed by that news....Off course, i was not epileptic...at all...so for a long time i believed the guy was completely wrong...but it seems like hppd really goes with some kind of permanent over stimulation of the brain, without any seizures, off course. Also, it might seem stupid to say, but after my mood recovered and adaptation (took a few years) , and i quit all kind of drugs and smoking...well, i became , believe me or not...much more intuitive and let's say it, intelligent...still to this day. Thanks to that overactivity, i became a really really hard workaholic and by then...kind of "rich"...I mean, I was just a regular guy before...bad at school, bad with lots of things in life. Nothing could tell i had any abilities to go that far....I don't know if it's the over-activated brain haha like a super-power, or because i found a second breath in recovering from that deadly trial...hard to tell. I'm really kind of hyperactive, i learn things really fast....it's always like a fast train in my head... If you take it on the spiritual side, it's like some kind of extremely brutal buddhist awakening...I guess. Believe me, now i know myself and accept myself as a whole package. And there is a lot to deal with. Just it goes with a permanent change of mind and perception. And yes. Sometime it's still annoying. I really wonder if it's a good idea to try to cure it. Maybe now that i'm all set in life, i don't need my super powers anymore lol
  8. Oh, it was really a long time ago, a show I saw on the french channel ARTE. I don't remember anything else about it.
  9. You can choose also to see a mystical side in HPPD. Somehow, like you have one foot still stuck out of the "Matrix" out in the spiritual (death) world. I remember once a show where a saw a shaman talking about it and curing it.
  10. I was wondering if they are around here people who can give us a testimonial of complete hppd recovery. Means no more symptoms at all, complete reverse to normal. If so, how did it happen, was it permanent ? How long did you endure HPPD ? Thanks in advance.I did experience one complete recovery when i was 18, 6 month after i got the first HPPD signs. I remember I had one smart drink loaded with Taurine, and i had that cheering feeling that my friends loved me. Maybe we smoked too that day. I was i the street, and then suddenly, It was gone, the snow and all. I felt again my 2 feet, grounded on earth. It was 100% reversed. Unfortunatly, it came back after a party with a very little shroom dosage. I remember the morning i was looking at the fire in the country side and it was back... 25 years ago...it's still there, and i'm not paying attention to it. but Damn, i wish i could figure out how to get rid of it still !
  11. That's what any psychiatrist would tell you at first sight, because this is how they make their living. But i'm pretty sure it's a very simplistic explanation.
  12. I double posting my question that i did on the reddit. I would love to hear your opinion about this. Do you guys think HPPD is : a drug induced trauma : The drug triggers (because of a bad trip?) a permanent traumatic state of anxiety ; The trip himself creates a traumatic experience, or enhance/bring light on a past trauma or current traumatic environnement. Or is it a singular drug induced affliction, that does not come with a traumatic/anxiety psychologic condition or psychedelic experience ? So, it's just the substance that brings only a chemical inbalance in the brain. Means it can affect anyone, even people with a very good mental condition and lifestyle and after a good trip. What do you guys think ? Did you all experience at some moment one really terrible bad trip experience ? (too intense, too strong, too far) The year i got HPPD, I had one terrible psylo trip. Symptoms came a few month after, smoking hash and, like for a traumatic resurgence, i had memories of that bad trip coming back with a huge anxiety. 4 month later , it completely got cured and came back for good with a very little acid dosage+mushroom again.