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  1. Just wait 60 to 90 days, chill and get good emotions, stay with loved ones and avoid stress. It might just vanish in one second as it came.
  2. That's exactly what i do since 20 years. My brain is similar as a child one, I have an unquenchable thirst for new things to learn. I guess that's what made me "successful" in my lifestyle. Never tried real meditation , but i will try to .
  3. Many people are shy to talk about it, because they are afraid that their symptoms are due to mental illness. Open up and ask your family, parents, brothers, grand parents if they ever had the following visual snow syndrome symptoms : - seeing snow-like dots all over the visual field. - continuing to see an image after it is no longer in the field of vision - impaired night vision and seeing images from within the eye itself - seeing small floating objects or flashes of light. - migraines, - ringing in the ears (tinnitus), - tremors, `- balance problems , vertigo and fatigue. - feeling of detached from themselves or from the world around them (depersonalization). - anxiety and depression. - All began in young adulthood or after drug intake. These are all common symptoms in HPPD and Visual Snow Syndrome. Please, take some time to ask and report it here.
  4. I really wonder how hereditary are HPPD and Visual snow syndrome..... What if hppd was just a dorment triggered Visual Snow Syndrome I know my own father had a very thought crisis when he was a teenager...sadly, he found his "cure" in a deep dive into extreme religion, back in the 60's... Mmmm.... What if actually he had just a strong visual snow syndrome ?
  5. It's a bit strange, but i remember back in 1998 when i had my first hppd symptoms, my brother (who was smoking weed occasionally with me at night) told me in another context he had for a whole week felt like he was stuck "in a dream" , so depersonalisation episode. I always wondered if it was just a coïncidence or if we have been exposed to something , back in the days.
  6. Ok, interesting. Ever heard of a mother / son transmission, then, in those cases ?
  7. Question about the bacteria / fungal infection theory : Do we know any case of person born with "hppd/visual snow syndrome " ? If the condition is acquired (by drugs or specific physiological conditions for VS) , there is a big chance the cause is a crazy mix of environnemental triggers. It could be a conjunction of something + something + something Any known case to this day regarding people born with visual snow syndrome ?
  8. "probiotic drink called kefir " he made a home made cocktail...mmmmm Any news from that guy ? I tried keto diet 6 days ..very very hard to keep. Anyone went longer with results/no results experienced ?
  9. Currently experimenting , just to thick that box. Sage food supplement 3x450mg / 2 times a day Will leave comments
  10. it's very funny because i remember long time ago i saw on a french channel a tv documentary about shamens , and he was called to cure a girl that was "stuck in the spirit world", ...seemed like hppd to me how they described it. The shamen came and used Sage to cure her, but i remember he burned it and she has to breath the fumes. What a coïncidence.
  11. Why wouldn't you be able to get permission ?
  12. One of the most accurate and smart article written about HPPD : it clears up the "flashback" myth...(still on wikipedia), the "mental disorder" supposition ...and the rest. My only regret is that she did not talk about Visual Snow Syndrome. Guys , send love to the author @m00shian ! https://merryjane.com/health/the-hppd-debate-is-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-real
  13. That's what i'm preaching . VISUAL SNOW SYNDROME is identical to HPPD, except one is triggered by drugs, the other one has unknown physiological causes. You have Visual Snow Syndrome :
  14. Did you try CBD oil at low dosage ? I'm in the same situation and get sometimes still anxiety peeks. I did 8 month of lamictal last year, tremendously helped. Now, using CBD oil low mg at night and melatonine to get a good sleep. Overall, that's what does it for me.
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