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  1. I currently take codeine for chronic pain. Anyone know if this affects HPPD?
  2. Got an MRI done after going to an eye doctor for HPPD/Visual Snow. Came back completely normal. From the extensive research I've donet I'm pretty sure that HPPD/Visual Snow is a serotonin disorder/chemical disorder, nothing in the plain brain that one could potentially see in an MRI.
  3. Eastpack

    My Story.

    One day I decided to drop acid I think sometime around July of last year. It was my first time doing any drug besides marijuana or alcohol. I got he LSD and I dropped around lunch time. I didn't feel it for about 1 and a half hours, so I took another tab. I looked for all the signs of fake acid, it wasn't acidic in taste at all, so I concluded it should be safe. I have never heard of HPPD or visual snow before taking acid, so I wasn't concerned about that. I started to trip and it was super fun, until my anxiety turned it into a bad trip. I was able to calm down and went to bed around 12/1am. The next morning I went to work out and I saw the visual snow. At first I thought it was just the LSD still in my system, so I tried to ignore it. A couple days later it was still there and I freaked out. I looked up after affects of LSD and found out that HPPD was probably what I had. I tried to research cures and treatments but there was nothing that could actually cure it. So I went to an eye doctor and they said my vision was 20/20, and that HPPD wasn't necessarily an eye problem but rather a brain phenomenon. So I went to get an MRI, and they said everything looked normal. I felt very uneasy, because my thoughts were racing through my head and my anxiety went through the roof. I started overthinking everything and I worried if the HPPD would get worse, and perhaps I would go blind. I learned to ignore it and live with it for a couple months, until I started to have trouble sleeping. I started to take melatonin, but I would get weird dreams and headaches. Initially I thought it was the new medication I was taking for my anxiety (Hydroxyzine). I stopped taking melatonin and Hydroxyzine within the next couple of days. Several days later I woke up and I saw swirly visual disturbances, and I thought I was having an LSD flashback. I was spaced out for a good 10 minutes. It felt like I was having minor LSD hallucinations, some indescribable. I told my psychologist about this and she said that my HPPD and anxiety worked together in some fashion. To explain further, she said that my anxiety created the symptoms of HPPD, the visual snow in particular. My psychologist suggested that I see and psychiatrist, to further evaluate my anxiety, HPPD, etc. The doctor ended up prescribing me a new medication for anxiety, Buspirone (BusPar is discontinued). It had helped with my anxiety a lot, but no change in HPPD/Visual Snow. I hope to find some help/hope on this forum, hopefully some type of success in cure or medication will be discovered.
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