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    Must read / VS

  2. Hi friends, I want to give an experience to a supplement , I heard that can help. i want to hear what is your opinion https://www.viteyes.com/mobile/viteyesopticnervesupport-p-83.html
  3. danjoking

    I need help

    I see streaks of blue and green and yellow a lot... day and night, but more so at night. who have it ?
  4. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    Hello guys , so i have been suffering for 2 months and half from hppd caussed by alcohol , i smoked weed 8 month ago had a bad trip and stopped using it i was not having hppd after the bad trip,so it’s maybe related to the cause of alcohol i have been sober until now,i don’t see any improvement, it’s getting worse at night especially. i want to hear your opinion about those 2 supplements CoQ10 and vitamin D , some pepole reportd good improvement with this 2 supplements as you can see here 1.what your thoughts about it 2.if you try it especially CoQ10 one https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thosewithvisualsnow/a-discussion-with-dr-weatherall-the-leading-visual-t7745.html ” I had after images, halos around objects, trailers, bolts of lightning, and of course, VS. I still had a headace after my initial onset and had to go to a doctor to get meds to relieve the headache. After I started taking 400 mgs of CoQ10 for some time, I suddenly noticed that the after images, halos around objects, trailers, bolts of lightning had ALL DISAPPEARED”
  5. Hello friends I have some questions 1. Are you cured or simply do not pay any attention to it anymore 2. And whether your vision is back to being the same without the symptoms, or it is sometimes felt for a certain period of time or disappears completely Thanks in advance
  6. I thought about them but its substance and i read about the side effects so , i can mange with my correct condition , anyway only at night it worse
  7. Yes i know , and its not getting better the visuals, the parnoia i had in the beginning went away , i did mri 3 weeks ago I’m still waiting for my answer, maybe it wil help to see if something happened there
  8. No bro i have been cleaned for 1 year
  9. Everybody machine works different, mine the most disturbing thing is the visual, and emotion numbness felling(i cant feel like normal person) i have not anxiety, like the old times , I miss this shit it feel me more alive , nowadays it’s semms my visual at night getting worst overtime(trailing motion only works with led , lights especially cars ), and i only had used weed and alcohol, thats a shit story for me , eventually I’m still in process im on my 4 month cleaner, i hope i will have successfully recovery both visual and emotion , like the old me .
  10. danjoking

    HPPD question for who had been recovered

    thats pretty good , so what symptomes you have now? , and how long have you been clean
  11. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    Hey bro , is it still working for the weaving phone?
  12. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    dayum_son how things going up to you , still see changes in the visual?
  13. According to what you say , what can help us by your opinion to gain the best by herbs supplements
  14. Ok so i just read a few things about it when you increased sensitivity you should look here. https://area1255.blogspot.co.il/2016/09/herbssupplements-to-increase-5-ht2a.html?m=1
  15. So in that case maybe Chromium GTF can help https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/11823896/ “Chromium treatment decreases the sensitivity of 5-HT2A receptors”
  16. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    That’s quite good , if you want to read more about coq10 and get alot of information https://articles.mercola.com/vitamins-supplements/coq10.aspx Or if you want to hear about visual snow syndrome(in my opinion it the same way of hppd) discussion with dr weatherall expert vs https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thosewithvisualsnow/a-discussion-with-dr-weatherall-the-leading-visual-t7745.html pepole report “Some people have noticed a massive improvement in a few weeks from just taking one of these alone. Others have reduced their static to manageable levels. Some people do not notice a big difference, but it is enough to justify continuing. Others may not have any reduction in symptoms.“ Most of you will be wondering why we experience other neurological activity, such as tinnitus and hyperacusis. In the same way, this condition affects other parts of our brain. The primary auditory cortex (Brodmann area 41 and 42), including the geniculate nuclei, are probably affected as well. The innate noise-filtering part of the brain lacks homeostasis and effectively you get 'visual snow of the ears'. Many common symptoms can be explained in this way. Good luck , i hope it will reduce our hppd or better it will go away
  17. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    You need to take it with lunch , whice brand you use and if it unbiqual
  18. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    Thats sounds good ! Its need to take time and a lot of patience, pepole reports changes between 3-4 months so its good update ! good luck bro how much time you use it , and how much mg ? expect the visual tracers , did you notice some mood change , emotions/fellings?
  19. danjoking

    Is HPPD always linked to a bad trip trauma ?

    In my opinion how i see it , hppd is a strange way to show you that you had bad puzzle in your life it’s reflected by dr/dp “once you accept it , it can go away its take time to heal your brain/mind/buddy”
  20. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    Yes you right but it’s neutral substances so its better then medical deugs
  21. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    Yes but evreyone react to medication diffrent u know my voy however in my condition i will start low the dose more
  22. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    So i just bought CoQ10 ubiquinol 60mg + magnesium 520mg + aronia berries Will update you in this thread it takes at least 3 months of therapy to see the results of taking supplements every day https://treato.com/Coenzyme+Q10,After+Images/?a=s you can read here reviews of this supplements alot of positive reports
  23. danjoking

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    CoQ10 it’s related to the opteic nerve so i think its good to try
  24. hey guys, please be Be polite to each other you dont know the power of words, right now in my understanding there isnt cure , so all we have is just theories . please The new people who are going to come here will visit the forum Please keep your manners and place to help each other and raise up and not trample each other Thank you And something positive, I've been with this disease for 2 months now . and I've managed not to pay attention to it. I can testify to myself that right now I do not care about it about recovery or cure of disappearance symptoms Only time can tell. our brain is a wonderful machine.
  25. danjoking

    Should I get an MRI?

    So it’s permanent there is nothing to do ?

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