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  1. In my opinion how i see it , hppd is a strange way to show you that you had bad puzzle in your life it’s reflected by dr/dp “once you accept it , it can go away its take time to heal your brain/mind/buddy”
  2. Yes you right but it’s neutral substances so its better then medical deugs
  3. Yes but evreyone react to medication diffrent u know my voy however in my condition i will start low the dose more
  4. So i just bought CoQ10 ubiquinol 60mg + magnesium 520mg + aronia berries Will update you in this thread it takes at least 3 months of therapy to see the results of taking supplements every day https://treato.com/Coenzyme+Q10,After+Images/?a=s you can read here reviews of this supplements alot of positive reports
  5. CoQ10 it’s related to the opteic nerve so i think its good to try
  6. Hello guys , so i have been suffering for 2 months and half from hppd caussed by alcohol , i smoked weed 8 month ago had a bad trip and stopped using it i was not having hppd after the bad trip,so it’s maybe related to the cause of alcohol i have been sober until now,i don’t see any improvement, it’s getting worse at night especially. i want to hear your opinion about those 2 supplements CoQ10 and vitamin D , some pepole reportd good improvement with this 2 supplements as you can see here 1.what your thoughts about it 2.if you try it especially CoQ10 one https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thosewithvisualsnow/a-discussion-with-dr-weatherall-the-leading-visual-t7745.html ” I had after images, halos around objects, trailers, bolts of lightning, and of course, VS. I still had a headace after my initial onset and had to go to a doctor to get meds to relieve the headache. After I started taking 400 mgs of CoQ10 for some time, I suddenly noticed that the after images, halos around objects, trailers, bolts of lightning had ALL DISAPPEARED”
  7. hey guys, please be Be polite to each other you dont know the power of words, right now in my understanding there isnt cure , so all we have is just theories . please The new people who are going to come here will visit the forum Please keep your manners and place to help each other and raise up and not trample each other Thank you And something positive, I've been with this disease for 2 months now . and I've managed not to pay attention to it. I can testify to myself that right now I do not care about it about recovery or cure of disappearance symptoms Only time can tell. our brain is a wonderful machine.
  8. So it’s permanent there is nothing to do ?
  9. Could it be brain lesions that cause us this vision https://www.medicinenet.com/brain_lesions_lesions_on_the_brain/article.htm# https://www.webmd.com/brain/brain-lesions-causes-symptoms-treatments
  10. Yea but how migraine in one night can clear all visual snow of many years with ibuprofen
  11. I dont think he had migraine because he wrote I've had visual snow and shimmering and arc's for years and years and just pegged it to doing LSD a couple of times when I was a teen”
  12. How we can check it? I came across this “ibuprofen cure my visual snow” “I've had visual snow and shimmering and arc's for years and years and just pegged it to doing LSD a couple of times when I was a teen” https://www.google.co.il/amp/s/www.tapatalk.com/groups/thosewithvisualsnow/viewtopic.php%3ft=7197&amp=1 ibuprofen it’s knowing painkillers if you have an autoimmune condition its have to be some light on this HPPD disease my fingers crossed!
  13. So that’s explain why in my blood test I had high CRP C-Reactive Protein and ERS high its related to autoimmune
  14. No sorry man , I meant it’s happened because weed and alcohol, I have been sober when I noticed i got hppd 2 month and half
  15. My biggest problem is at night , it’s really hard ,i can see beams of light bursting out of any artificial light source. these beams are usually colorful, imagine light shining through a prism. and this is like 90% of the time. and i only smoke weed and drink alcohol when it happened