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  1. Hey Madoc thank for reply I took hashish few time with cannbias seeing things like a person actually being a tree. Does this happen all the time or every once in a while? When i pay notice for it once in a while In my opinion, I think my head mess with me i feel scared all time stress, Numb paranoia panic attack, cant focus only think about my symptoms and i cant be Distract i did blood test and everything look fine unless b12 normal is from 103-712 i have 317 now i pay attention for some symptoms- waves , static snow at night , lightning when i close my eyes i can see patterns, , lightning ,static tv at my room when its dark , my head is like on a boat
  2. So hello Evreyone , Sorry for my bad english I'll tell you my story I have to know an opinion from people and hear what their opinion on this subject, I was smoking for 6 months Cannabis sometimes every day Sometimes no day, one day I got a panic attack I thought I was crazy I held my head and I felt something bad happened in my brain after it never touch drugs again After a month and a half months I managed to get over this, but it was still a feeling of NUMB. After about 4 months I drank alcohol and then started the - symptoms of vision, - I suddenly began to see myself a lot in reflections in the mirror In the floor in everything you can see in reflection, - I have to Being constantly aware of everything that happens around the room and terming it with objects, - sometimes happens to me situations that I look at from a distance I see a tree and I think it's a human and after two seconds I notice that it is a tree - Any movement that occurs at the angle of the eye I must notice -some black eye floaters(trying not to notice about it) it's not permanent thank you all guys and sorry for my bad english I hope we all get well together