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    Sadly I feel the same, I can't drink or smoke anymore which was such a big part of my college life. My friends still invite me to go out but it's not the same. I have severe treatment resistant depression so using was the only way I have been able to cope. Now that drugs are out of the picture I haven't been able to find anything nearly as effective since. Feels like it's been one hell of a run but this was the last straw, a final means to an end.
  2. Yeah it seems the consensus is you cant do drugs anymore, I'm in the same boat and it really sucks. Cant do weed, alcohol, and even most over the counter stuff without having a bad reaction. Though their is lots of new research being done on HPPD and it's possible more treatments and maybe even cures can come out of this. Hopefully as we learn more better treatments and possibilities will arise. I'm on my own path to find a "cure" as I really want to be able to smoke and drink again and go back to my old social life of partying and etc with friends and people. I've seen that fasting could be helpful as well as other things. I believe every problem with the body has a cure but were just so far off from finding them still because of mainstream research and corporate greed that deter away from other potential cures and treatments of the body. Hopefully through my own research and trials I can better understand how to help this and if their is a better way to treat it than just time alone and substance abstinence.
  3. I've done ECT and it helps with some for depression, personally it didn't help me. I don't see it reducing any visual disturbances from HPPD but has potential to help stablize or increase mood.
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