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  1. I would too lean towards a hypothesis of some sort of 'damage' or change as my case was not caused by classic hallucinogens but after the incident of combining two serotonergic drugs (one of them being MDMA). I appreciate and respect @dasitmane for exploring all the avenues but for myself, I prefer to focus on the brain. I believe this condition should be fully reversible at some point in the future.
  2. Thanks yosoydiego, just wanted to let you and people reading this know in case you weren't aware of it
  3. Thank you dasitmane for coming back on this forum, I was following your first thread with great pleasure. I hope that we can make some progress in our knowledge and that people will join in and share their findings. @yosoydiego About the Reddit thread, the connection with HPPD and Lyme was reported by a user who is actively promoting the use of chlorine dioxide to (falsely) cure HPPD. It is very unhealthy to practice this 'cure' and will not aid your mind and body in any positive way, so take that in mind when reading posts made by that user (HPPDandstuff).
  4. For me, alcohol doesn't seem to have a negative effect on my visuals, it even seems to reduce visual snow by just a little temporary It is the additional use of cigarettes that temporary (1 - 2 days) gives a notable increase in the intensity of visual snow and causes closed-eye light flashes
  5. subscribed Thank you David for all your dedication throughout the years you've been suffering from this, without these forums here I would have never had a new outlook on life
  6. Might also help with visual snow. Here's an anecdotal report of someone who had her visual disturbances improved by daily intranasal insulin intake. The downside is that she reported it returned full blown upon cessation of the insulin Check the full thread here: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/89360-intranasal-insulin-dihexa-log/page-2#entry796569
  7. By anecdote, I have a friend who got visual snow from a stimulant. He was 19 when it happened and the symptoms subsided after a month. Unfortunately for me, my own visual snow is still here after two years. Note that we haven't used together. If you're still in adolescence it would make sense that your brain could eventually fix or adapt to the changes. Reading that you're 16 and got symptoms from weed, I suspect you're likely to have a positive outcome for your situation. Take care of yourself and stay away from weed and other drugs
  8. Thanks for posting your findings on these forums. I've actually read your story somewhere else before, and I'm wondering: what was the cause of your VS? Did you experience other symptoms similar or related to HPPD?
  9. Sad to hear then thanks a lot for update!
  10. That doesn't sound too good.. you're the first case I know where it worked the wrong way and made things worse. I hope it subsided a little again. How are you doing now?
  11. ----- This post is especially important for the Dutch guys out here on the forum ----- Recently I received a mail from Brijder Jeugd (rehab center) where they tell about a new upcoming research by a neurological department from a medical center about visual snow sufferers, and they're looking for people that want to participe in the research. This could be another opportunity to shred some light on the visual snow and HPPD. The research is targeted for Dutch people but I wouldn't hesitate contacting them in English if you're interested in the research. You can reach them by sending an e-mail to the address below: visualsnowonderzoek@lumc.nl If you're interested about the medical center, you can visit their website with the link below: Leiden University Medical Center https://www.lumc.nl/?setlanguage=English Thanks for your time Note: I'm not related to the LUMC in any way
  12. "BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide that is being investigated for its regenerative effects. It shows high efficacy for rats suffering toxic or surgical trauma, but there is currently no evidence that it provides benefits for people." I stumbled upon this peptide after browsing some websites and then I found reddit posts of users claiming that they cured their anhedonia. This substance does not mask symptoms like traditional drugs, but really has some sort of a healing mechanism that rapidly undoes damage from the dopamine system, with almost no side effects reported. This got my interest and I decided to try it out. Here are the results: Dosage 250mcg in the morning and 250mcg in the evening, administered with subcutaneous injections. So far I have used a total of 10mg in around 10 days, and I'm planning to do extra cycles in the future. While injections offer the best bioavailability, it is reported that this substance is stable when taken oral. I cannot confirm this and I'd recommend to inject the substance, or use it sublingually (under the tongue). Subcutaneous injections are almost painless and you'll get used to it quickly. Benefits I'm experiencing permanent benefits from this trial. In general I feel much calmer with myself and my mind is so much clearer. My sense of time has changed back to normal. It feels like the world around me is moving normal again and I can get more done. I'm even boring myself when I'm free. Before this trial I would be able to do a lot less in an hour and it felt like the time shifted faster, and it felt I couldn't get a hold of the world moving around me. Cognitive functioning has improved a little, I mostly feel benefits from taking fish oil and I believe this substance has contributed to it Depersonalisation and derealisation has definitely improved. Most of the time, it doesn't even bother me and I feel more attached to myself My anhedonia has decreased, I didn't experience a huge improvement but it's still much better I feel generally less anxious - I haven't worried about my condition since My visuals have not changed in any way, but the substance helped me to handle them easier and they don't feel like a big annoyance anymore. Side effects I did not experience any side effects, which is good. There is some research suggesting that it increases tolerance to amphetamine, but it hasn't been tested on humans. I definitely recommend anyone with HPPD to try this substance. It might help you a lot with depersonalization and derealisation, as it did with mine.
  13. Glad it works for you =) keep us updated please!
  14. Hey, that's pretty interesting, however the post stated that you need to take 400mg Ubiquinol every day, but that seems really expensive?
  15. That's interesting. Ibuprofen gives me a calmness and makes me forget about the symptoms for a while
  16. danjoking that sounds really promising. How long have you been sober? If you have it induced from weed, I would say your symptoms could decrease even more as weed isn't as strong as other hallucinogens
  17. The DSM states about HPPD but my psychologist told me the depersonalisation/derealisation symptoms are not a part of the diagnosis. Furthermore, what is the mechanism for feeling emotional flattened out? If this is caused by anxiety, then shouldn't you be able to treat the anxiety, in order to get your emotions back?
  18. Hey, that's nice. I've read a lot about it but can't find much about the effectiveness. Please keep us updated with your findings!
  19. Thanks for the replies Concluded that I have HPPD. I've been improving my lifestyle, and we bought a sauna at home which I frequently use. It helps me feel strong and having peace with my condition. What happened with me? I used to be a very sensitive and caring person, but now it feels like I'm all flattened out. I haven't felt real happiness since the start of my HPPD. Is it derealisation? It makes me sad, I can't relate to loved ones around me or enjoy the good things in my life. I don't care about my vision, I just really want to feel a little myself again.
  20. Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum for a good while and it has been a rich information source for me. I'm currently 21 years old, living in the Netherlands and still studying. My life changed in a weird way after getting addicted to drugs. Since 1.5 years I'm walking around with weird health complaints and only since a few months I started discovering what might be wrong with me. My symptoms include: tinnitus, visual snow, depression and derealisation, concentration problems and foggy memory. I don't have trails, afterimages or halo's. The symptomps suddenly appeared 1.5 years ago after an incident when I ingested a substance cocktail, consisting of MDMA, 4-FA and 3-MMC. It wasn't a bad trip but ever since that day my symptoms have been present and haven't fade. I clearly remember the onset of my visual snow and the emotional numbness has been strong since. I haven't used hallucinogens Would you say, this could be HPPD or a less intense version of it? Since I don't experience any vision hallucinations except for visual snow it wouldn't be HPPD, but on the other hand all of the other symptoms seem to connect to the disorder. My respect is with those that are fully affected by the disorder having many of the symptoms. Life must be though for you sometimes. Thanks for reading my story
  21. Sorry for reviving this old topic, but I've had phone contact with this docter and I think he is really helpful for people that are unknown with this condition. He does have good knowledge and can help you if you're not fully known with the disorder. Even though I read a lot of information on this forum, he still made me feel relieved because he understood my symptoms and calmed me down. It's good to see a docter focusing on this, as it brings light to this disorder.
  22. Hey all, I'm working on improving my lifestyle and I'm wondering what breakfast I should get. My current meal consists of two slices of bread with cheese. What would you recommend? Thanks
  23. Sounds really interesting, keep us updated with more information and let us know if you tried it or going to
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