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Hi, my name is thelostreceptor and I'm suffering from HPPD-related symptoms since summer 2016. There are days with strong depersonalisation and derealisation, I'm almost always emotionally flattened out and my vision is filled with static and dots. All of my symptoms appeared at one night after polydrug use (4-FA + MDMA). Apart from that I have never used LSD or other hallucinogenic substances.

 - Increased BFEP (Wikipedia)
 - Visual snow (a layer of static and a layer of  bigger black dots)
 - Depersonalization
 - Derealisation
 - Brain fogs
 - Certain head numbness at times
 - Problems with concentration
 - Unable to relate to situations or future thoughts
 - Struggling to follow thought patterns
 - Less emotionally sensible
 - Random anxiety attacks

These problems have existed ever since I was born:
 - Emotionally unstable at times
 - Social anxiety in a lesser bit

While it's been some time since my symptoms appeared, I first continued drug use because I wasn't aware of the symptoms. They have initially made it worse, for sure. I've been working on my lifestyle since Jan 2017 now and I'll try to live a healthy life.

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