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  1. Hey, that's pretty interesting, however the post stated that you need to take 400mg Ubiquinol every day, but that seems really expensive?
  2. That's interesting. Ibuprofen gives me a calmness and makes me forget about the symptoms for a while
  3. danjoking that sounds really promising. How long have you been sober? If you have it induced from weed, I would say your symptoms could decrease even more as weed isn't as strong as other hallucinogens
  4. The DSM states about HPPD but my psychologist told me the depersonalisation/derealisation symptoms are not a part of the diagnosis. Furthermore, what is the mechanism for feeling emotional flattened out? If this is caused by anxiety, then shouldn't you be able to treat the anxiety, in order to get your emotions back?
  5. Hey, that's nice. I've read a lot about it but can't find much about the effectiveness. Please keep us updated with your findings!
  6. Thanks for the replies Concluded that I have HPPD. I've been improving my lifestyle, and we bought a sauna at home which I frequently use. It helps me feel strong and having peace with my condition. What happened with me? I used to be a very sensitive and caring person, but now it feels like I'm all flattened out. I haven't felt real happiness since the start of my HPPD. Is it derealisation? It makes me sad, I can't relate to loved ones around me or enjoy the good things in my life. I don't care about my vision, I just really want to feel a little myself again.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum for a good while and it has been a rich information source for me. I'm currently 21 years old, living in the Netherlands and still studying. My life changed in a weird way after getting addicted to drugs. Since 1.5 years I'm walking around with weird health complaints and only since a few months I started discovering what might be wrong with me. My symptoms include: tinnitus, visual snow, depression and derealisation, concentration problems and foggy memory. I don't have trails, afterimages or halo's. The symptomps suddenly appeared 1.5 years ago after an incident when I ingested a substance cocktail, consisting of MDMA, 4-FA and 3-MMC. It wasn't a bad trip but ever since that day my symptoms have been present and haven't fade. I clearly remember the onset of my visual snow and the emotional numbness has been strong since. I haven't used hallucinogens Would you say, this could be HPPD or a less intense version of it? Since I don't experience any vision hallucinations except for visual snow it wouldn't be HPPD, but on the other hand all of the other symptoms seem to connect to the disorder. My respect is with those that are fully affected by the disorder having many of the symptoms. Life must be though for you sometimes. Thanks for reading my story
  8. Sorry for reviving this old topic, but I've had phone contact with this docter and I think he is really helpful for people that are unknown with this condition. He does have good knowledge and can help you if you're not fully known with the disorder. Even though I read a lot of information on this forum, he still made me feel relieved because he understood my symptoms and calmed me down. It's good to see a docter focusing on this, as it brings light to this disorder.
  9. Hey all, I'm working on improving my lifestyle and I'm wondering what breakfast I should get. My current meal consists of two slices of bread with cheese. What would you recommend? Thanks
  10. Sounds really interesting, keep us updated with more information and let us know if you tried it or going to
  11. Hello, I've had HPPD ever since I combined a cathinone (3-mmc) and MDMA (very stupid from me) Recently I've had a experienced of anxiety and stress and it looks like the visual snow is more visible now. Would this make sense?