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  1. dayum_son

    HPPD for 48 years

    Damn 48 years.... That's some time eh 😂. Well there have been many speculations like always when it comes to HPPD but AFAIK, no progress so far.
  2. dayum_son

    General advice

    I have this too when very tired and I got sleep. I have it in my whole field of view though. It's like if shadows move around along with the static.
  3. dayum_son

    Dark room therapy

    I thought about that too but since my visuals are always a bit worse after being in the dark for a few mins, I never got around to trying that.
  4. dayum_son

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    Well, best way to know about this is to send it to a member of the forum. If the results come back as extrenely positive, we can talk about it. But if I hear someone I don't know coming to me about some kind of remedy and saying it costs a certain amount... I can only be reticent.
  5. Anyone has experience with it ? I tried it and so far I have seen a worsening in my symptoms. I don't know if I should take it longer than a few days to see changes but so far, VS is worse and so does after images etc... So, anyone tried it ?
  6. dayum_son

    any advice?

    I can't say about how long it will last, however what I can say is to not take any drugs, sleep well and try to distract yourself once you start noticing the snow. There is no real way of getting rid of it apart from waiting. The weird dreams are normal I think, I've been having them since HPPD settled in. Weird is one thing but they feel very real. Colors, sounds, smells and touch, I can feel/see all of those in my sleep. Stay strong my friend, it will subside eventually.
  7. Please don't post the same topic twice, it's annoying.
  8. It will get better eventually, you must just not expect it to get better very fast. HPPD healing is a slow process that requires mental strength and patience. It might not heal like for most of us, but it will get better to a bearable level. As with any HPPD sufferer, recommendations are always the same : No drugs (especially weed), no stimulants in general and get as much sleep as possible. And try to distract yourself from the visuals. Try to do something as soon as you start noticing them again and thinking about them. Give it time, but it will at least get to a bearable level.
  9. Yes I have the flickering too, especially when I shine a bright light after being in the dark. I also see what you mean by vibrating, it happens too. Just stay away from drugs and stimulants in general. It will subside eventually.
  10. dayum_son

    What can be a trigger for visuals?

    Personally I have seen my HPPD worsen with no special trigger. It just gets worse.
  11. dayum_son

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    If I were a guy who wrote a guide to heal from HPPD, I would release it for free on the forums. So I'd call bullshit on that one. And come on, 30 fucking bucks ? If you really wanted to open a website, you can create a google website for free AFAIK. It is scandalous to charge 30 bucks to desperate people who are going through hell everyday. Shame on you. I don't care if it works or not, monetizing this is unacceptable.
  12. dayum_son

    I need help

    I have/had something similar. Blue stuff appearing and disappearing when trying to sleep. Not streaks but more like light, which wasn't actually there obviously. Looks like we all have unique symptoms. HPPD is still very interesting from a medical standpoint ?
  13. dayum_son

    Possible to get symptoms 10 months after tripping?

    Hi there ! I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms. I have seen several reports of people starting to notice HPPD symptoms months after their last trip, so in that regard, it looks like it is possible to get HPPD even months after the last drug intake. Maybe some fellow members can elaborate on this, maybe it happened to a few of them. When it comes to drug consumption, there is always one and only one answer: Discontinue all drug use. Especially weed (and hallucinogens obviously...... but you know that already.). Everyone has different reactions to different substances, let it be cannabis, caffeine, alcohol or others. Usually the ones to stay furthest away from are usually stimulants and cannabis. For many people including myself, alcohol is pretty tolerable as long as it is not consumed daily or in large amounts. If I consume large amounts of alcohol, I will usually see a slight decrease in visuals when drunk but the days following the binge will have exacerbated symptoms. The best recipe I have for myself to keep visuals to the lowest level is : -No drugs -No legal stimulants (caffeine, lots of sugar like in energy drinks) -Limit milk intake (I think calcium makes visuals worse, maybe @dasitmane can elaborate on that, he knows more than I do on the subject) -Low level of stress (keep calm at work even in uncomfortable situations) -SLEEP (Written in caps because it is very important for me) That's all I could come up with right now, hope it helps. Stay strong !
  14. dayum_son

    I'm an idiot, lmao

    Yeah, you're not an idiot. I have been the idiot for taking acid on too many occasions. As MadDoc said, once or twice is enough to feel the beneficial effects. More than that is just asking for problems.
  15. That's really weird, I suggest you sleep well and do some sport.
  16. Look up Depersonalization / Derealization, see if it sounds similar to what you are experiencing. However, now that you explain it that way, I can relate to this. During my worst bad trip when I ended up in hospital, I also had these different realities or dimensions, and couldn't figure out which was the right one. I could also not figure out if what was happening, was indeed, happening. This all subsided once the drug wore off though. As everyone already said, give it time and no drugs. Not even alcohol.
  17. Yes I get that. It seems like your brain is mixing things up and can't make the difference between now and months ago. Just go easy on drugs, it will probably subside.
  18. Yeah, don't take anything for now, especially LSD. Sounds more like PTSD flashbacks imo, but I'd just let your brain figure things out for a while. HPPD symptoms are for the most part visual. Don't freak out, no drugs, don't go to bed too late and stay sober at least for the next few weeks. And start slowly if you still want to consume any kind of substances after having that break. And @MadDoc, blackouts do happen. Had one myself on acid. The trip became too strong, went to hospital, blacked out a few times and woke up a few times. Felt like I was in a mental asylum and had shit loads of conspiracy theories going through my mind. Not the best trip I had ?.
  19. dayum_son

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    1.5 months update : Nothing has really changed. Ghosting disappears and reappears randomly, looks like it is dependent of how much I sleep that's all. On 500-600mg twice a day. I am switching between different brands occasionally, switched to Solgar as well as an ebay one.
  20. dayum_son

    School Children

    I didn't really want to say it but episode 2 in your other post made me think of a typical schizophrenia/psychosis episode. I would NOT touch that shit if I were you. You're better off smoking joints than smoking DMT if you really want to get high off something. Or stick to just drink a few beers and get a little drunk from time to time and keep it that way. To all the people who want to consume psychs, I'd say do not try them until we found a successful and one-size-fits-all treatment for HPPD.
  21. I don't think this is the kind of forum to ask this kind of questions. Bare in mind that we are all here because psychedelics (especially LSD) caused us to have permanent hallucinations as well as DP/DR which are not fun. Therefore, everyone around here will tell you to not do any kind of psychedelics. Including myself. I will still give my honest opinion though. Considering what you wrote, especially in episode #2, I would stay away from psychedelics as these hallucinations should not happen. Now, most people got HPPD from acid. Some from shrooms and even weed. Ranging from people who took it once to people who took it countless times. And I guess it is possible to get HPPD from DMT considering it is the most powerful psychedelic known to man AFAIK. Since you will probably smoke DMT anyway, I would advise not to redose countless times in the same day. And discontinue all drug use if you start noticing HPPD symptoms.
  22. I did notice motion blur on Remeron. Your best bet is to stay away from all medication until it subsides.
  23. dayum_son

    worth trying a sleep study?

    Afaik, my sleep is not disturbed and most of the time, the cycles are very precise. If I don't go to bed later than 10:30pm, I wake up automatically 10 minutes before my alarm clock rings. Take this with a grain of salt however, as this is one of the "side effects" I had related to the consumption of MDMA. I have a sleep analyser which wakes me up in a certain timeframe (let's say between 6-6.30am)where my sleep is the lightest. There is also a percentage of sleep quality. I always get 90-99% sleep quality the night I do MDMA and then stabilizes at 60-70% for every night following. And I can tell 100% this works because the same happens when I used to smoke weed, sleep quality was drastically improved the day I smoked.
  24. dayum_son

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Just took it once to try. Though true that I didn't care about HPPD anymore, visuals worsened. Not noticeable the same day, but day after I could see worsening.

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