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  1. So I've been dealing with HPPD for the past few months. Visual snow, light tracers, color shifts, halos, floaters and what not. However, I have this thing which doesn't happen everyday and happens only 2-3 times a day (if it happens) : When I focus at smth or someone, I get a small black dot with basically nothing in it. It is like suddenly, a very tiny part of my eye looses vision. Happens for a second only. Anyone else has that ? EDIT: Now that I think of it, if I look at a screen, usually in the dark with the device on dim settings and close to me, I see very very small pink dots moving and floating around. Also, they move around at about 15 fps, just like a computer who can't process a video fast enough and ends up with messed up framerate. What's going on xD Was wondering if anyone else has these weird symptoms which I could not find on the web.