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  1. dayum_son

    CoQ10 and vitamin D

    1.5 months update : Nothing has really changed. Ghosting disappears and reappears randomly, looks like it is dependent of how much I sleep that's all. On 500-600mg twice a day. I am switching between different brands occasionally, switched to Solgar as well as an ebay one.
  2. dayum_son

    School Children

    I didn't really want to say it but episode 2 in your other post made me think of a typical schizophrenia/psychosis episode. I would NOT touch that shit if I were you. You're better off smoking joints than smoking DMT if you really want to get high off something. Or stick to just drink a few beers and get a little drunk from time to time and keep it that way. To all the people who want to consume psychs, I'd say do not try them until we found a successful and one-size-fits-all treatment for HPPD.
  3. I don't think this is the kind of forum to ask this kind of questions. Bare in mind that we are all here because psychedelics (especially LSD) caused us to have permanent hallucinations as well as DP/DR which are not fun. Therefore, everyone around here will tell you to not do any kind of psychedelics. Including myself. I will still give my honest opinion though. Considering what you wrote, especially in episode #2, I would stay away from psychedelics as these hallucinations should not happen. Now, most people got HPPD from acid. Some from shrooms and even weed. Ranging from people who took it once to people who took it countless times. And I guess it is possible to get HPPD from DMT considering it is the most powerful psychedelic known to man AFAIK. Since you will probably smoke DMT anyway, I would advise not to redose countless times in the same day. And discontinue all drug use if you start noticing HPPD symptoms.
  4. I did notice motion blur on Remeron. Your best bet is to stay away from all medication until it subsides.
  5. dayum_son

    worth trying a sleep study?

    Afaik, my sleep is not disturbed and most of the time, the cycles are very precise. If I don't go to bed later than 10:30pm, I wake up automatically 10 minutes before my alarm clock rings. Take this with a grain of salt however, as this is one of the "side effects" I had related to the consumption of MDMA. I have a sleep analyser which wakes me up in a certain timeframe (let's say between 6-6.30am)where my sleep is the lightest. There is also a percentage of sleep quality. I always get 90-99% sleep quality the night I do MDMA and then stabilizes at 60-70% for every night following. And I can tell 100% this works because the same happens when I used to smoke weed, sleep quality was drastically improved the day I smoked.
  6. dayum_son

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Just took it once to try. Though true that I didn't care about HPPD anymore, visuals worsened. Not noticeable the same day, but day after I could see worsening.
  7. dayum_son

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    I can confirm the worsening visuals. I took Mirtazapine once and because of it I have (and still months later) longer tracers and more after images.
  8. Vasodilators ? Anyone tried that ? If we follow the Default Mode Network theory, hallucinogens act as vasoconstrictors on certain parts of the brain, lowering blood flow, thus inducing ego death. Now, if we say DP/DR is like a mini-ego death, could we reverse the process, at least temporarily, using a vasodilator ? I wouldn't recommend Viagra however. It can mess up with visual processing. Not the best for us. Just my 0.02.
  9. dayum_son

    HPPD question for who had been recovered

    How much time did your VS last ?
  10. dayum_son

    Year 3

    It's nice to hear a positive report ! I really hope you will heal, at least heal to something manageable. We all deserve to heal, I think we all suffered enough because of our mistakes.
  11. Have you tried any of the usual meds ? Lamictal, Keppra etc ?
  12. Damn, that's a long time :/
  13. @danjoking are you still using weed ?
  14. What happens is that LSD and other hallucinogens diminish the flow of blood going to certain parts of the brain (hippocampus or hippothalamus ? Or both ? Don't remember), that's why the DNM is not working properly or completely turned off (in the case of an ego-death for example). I always thought this to be the most logical theory to DP/DR since it's basically the same thing : feeling of detachment of one's self from it's own brain, and the outside world. For example for me, I never had ego death during acid trips, and never had DP/DR. Looks like some people are more sensitive to this than others.

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