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  1. @TryingToHelp At first I was being diplomatic since I think everyone gets to have a second chance. But now I'll say it : Please fuck right off. You're just a troll and do not contribute anything to this forum. If it were for you, every single disorder is caused by anxiety. Yes I'll repeat it again, Fuck. Off.
  2. I did not have a single visual anomaly prior to LSD use. Let it be static, long after images, tracers, floaters, flashes of light etc etc. Before HPPD, my vision was as clear as it could get. Night vision was perfect apart from the thing that happened in my previous post. However, and as Dr. Abraham stated, there is some kind of hereditary pattern here. My mom does have static, says it was very strong when young and somewhat got better with age. She never did drugs and neither did her parents. I'm guessing there's a genetic weakness that once attacked by hallucinogens, throws the brain out of chemical balance and leads to unexpected visual and sensorial changes. I was at first convinced by the neuronal loss theory, but I have thought about it a lot and a few things bug me. If it's neuronal loss, how come it sometimes happens overnight and randomly, after one dose of acid or 20, 50 ? The HPPD for me started when I was on an LSD microdose and smoking weed. Weed is supposed to be neuroprotective right ? How come then the neurons degraded so quickly on a drug that is supposed to protect them ? However I have to say, I have some faith in the "neurons being overly excited due to hallucinogen use" theory. I have been diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Did not take any medicine. It sort of subsided when growing up. With HPPD, ADHD kicked back into life pretty violently, I'm hyperactive enough that caffeine has little effect on me (actually slows me down sometimes) and so does cocaine or anything that is supposed to stimulate the brain. Hyperactive to a point where it is actually annoying and almost a handicap. @dasitmane, I have read your last posts on your "part 2" thread just now, so yeah it might not be neuronal loss after all. Still necessary to explore all the possibilities.
  3. I can relate to this. I remembered this probably a year after I got HPPD and thought "Shit, that may have been a warning". This was probably when I was around 10-12, I would go to bed, however there wouldn't be any static BUT : If I focused my eyes in the same way that you'd focus them to see far away (I would call it "Seeing deeper in the dark"), after a few seconds, it would flash violently for a few seconds and then stop. This could be repeated for as many times as I wished. The flashing was similar as to when you poke your eye really fast in the dark and stimulates the photoreceptors thus creating artificial "light". You may have this kind of white flashing with HPPD as well. Since HPPD, I have this thing called "Exploding Head Syndrome". Happens rarely. Name is fun though.
  4. Well it's nice to see that as we get along with this "magnificent" disorder, we can sort of laugh at it a bit. HPPD also gave me an OCD-like condition, and while sometimes a bit annoying, I get to laugh at it from time to time with my friends.
  5. I'd advise stopping to take anything, natural or medicine. Everything I touch makes the condition worse. The only way for me to make things go a little better is just to live a normal life, eat normally, drink water and get not too little and not too much sleep. Trying everything to "fix" my brain would make it worse. Sleeping pills have permanently worsened my symptoms. One pill of Mirtazapine was all it took.
  6. Makes me think of what I see when I look at barcodes. Except I see red dots and then after a few seconds it stabilizes.
  7. You're not a scientist, you don't know what the members of this forum experience visually and cognitively, you do not add anything constructive to the forum, therefore I think you posting here is totally useless and undesirable. If it was only anxiety, we would all be healed since most of of the people who seek medical help get misdiagnosed as having anxiety.
  8. There are no miracle remedies when it comes to this shitty disorder. Get enough sleep, around 8 hours a night (too much sleep makes it worse for me), eat healthy, no alcohol, cigarettes, coffee etc... Do NOT try to counteract the symptoms with other meds. If it doesn't get better on the long run, go to your doctor and maybe he can prescribe some Lamotrigine/Keppra/Risperidone etc.... these drugs have worked for some people. But be careful, it also made it worse for others. Only use as last resort. And make sure you do not get SSRIs prescribed, they are terrible for HPPD. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. I think we all found our HPPD symptoms amusing the first time they occured. I can guarantee that this will not last. It will soon start to be distracting, you will start obsessing about it and might even get worse if you constantly think about it. As dasitmane suggested, you should stop the intake of any substance (no cherry picking). You do not want to end up like us here on this forum, trying to find a way out of this mess. Take care.
  10. Recreational doses (usually 120ugs), about 5 times. Recreational doses per se never gave me unintended visuals days after the sesh. What triggered this wonderful disorder is microdosing once a week and smoking weed at the end of the day. One day I woke up and the visual snow just stayed there. I think consuming acid microdoses with weed strongly increased the chances of me getting HPPD.
  11. Let's say that it is LSD that landed me on this forum.
  12. I didn't have VS or any kind of vision problems. However when I got HPPD, I told my mom about the symptoms and she said she has VS too, she says it used to be strong when she was young but has diminished with age. AFAIK, Dr. Abraham talked about some kind of hereditary weakness when it comes to visual symptoms.
  13. Yes I'm not very smart. Let's say that I did many drugs before I knew what HPPD was. From worst to least effects : -Acid (no shit Sherlock) -Weed -Ketamine -MDMA -4-MMC (Mephedrone) -Alcohol -Nicotine -Cocaine Even though I am talking about "worse" effects, HPPD returned to baseline in a matter of a week (3 weeks for weed though). But I never was a huge consumer and always consumed within safe dosages, without mixing and with reasonable intervals between each sesh. And tested all my drugs, so I guess that helped. Drugs are bad m'kay ? 😂
  14. If there is one thing on this forum that we can never say enough is to stay away from all drugs. Even caffeine and nicotine. And weed is a huge no no. Mind you that because of the acid I took, I can no longer enjoy the weed that I used to love so much. Go look up a few posts about DP/DR, you will rapidly lose the wish to get high, trust me. If only I knew... If only we all knew... Get good amounts of sleep, go out and have fun (without drugs), go to the gym, all these things help. I wish you all the best and hope that you will get rid of this truly awful disorder.
  15. I can say with confidence that Kratom did worsen my visuals. And mixing it with weed was a big no no. And every single other drug I take/took worsens my symptoms. Even potassium/calcium supplements. The only one that didn't do anything noticeable was cocaine. And as far as I can remember, many people noticed this too. But cocaine is by far the shittiest drug I tried after LSD.
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