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  1. guy23

    my story

    ya she knows does anyone else get spurts where it's bad but then eases up and then gets bad again.
  2. guy23

    my story

    I can live with the visuals but the dp/dr is what makes everything bad. I have a gf that i love very much, any tips on how to reconnect with her
  3. guy23

    my story

    Thx jay i have a one more question since i developed dp/dr so late, is it more than likely from the anxiety then the hppd itself?
  4. guy23

    my story

    it would really make my day if someone could write a replay:)
  5. guy23

    my story

    Ok so a little over 6 months ago i did acid for the 6th time it was a good trip with little anxiety. My 5th trip was close to 350ug and it was very intense. Ever since then i've had strong anxiety and panic attacks like from my bad trip. Around 2 or 3 weeks after the last trip, i noticed eye floaters, grainy vision, and small moving light points on blank surfaces. At the beginning of November, i developed what i think is minor dp. At the beginning of december i think i developed what is dr and my physician doesn't believe me and says my visuals are normal. And then a couple days ago, i got strong dp and strong visual snow. So my question is do i have hppd and what should i do
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