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  1. Thank you very much for tour post! I have been 15 years with HPPD without trying any meds, I am better but I still have some very bad days I am about to try Meds, will meet with a neurologist soon I was wondering what protocol you used to begin with? was it: Kepra 500mg per day ?or two 500mg per day? for how long without changing the dose? Xanax (how much per day)? Hope you are great Best wishes Rafa
  2. I have had HPPD for 15 years, I am much better now than when it started, I have tried so many natural and psychological techniques that I feel its the right time to test if certain Medical treatment could work. My main symptoms are now anxiety, depression, heavy brainfog, visual snow, problems reading - writing, focusing and depersonalisation sometimes. I have found a neurologist in the city of Barcelona where I live, and I will like to ask you guys for a favour before I meet him: is there is an order for which meds are to be tried first? which meds in your view have been the most successful in treating some symptoms?.is there a page with these things online? I tried a low dose of diazepam and the day after my symptoms where very high again so I stopped, same thing with an antidepressant. Having said all of this I will like to share some hopeful news too: I have been fortunate to have had days with almost no symptoms, have traveled extensively, managed to finish my BA in fine arts, lived in various countries, got my drivers license, can now read (even though i get confused sometimes), I can hold conversations much better (less DP), at the beginning of this disorder my life was very very miserable now its a lot better. Thank you for reading.

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