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    Keppra (NAME BRAND ONLY) cured my HPPD after 15 years

    Thank you and this is definitely very helpful. At first swim had solid dp/dr but as time goes there have be fleeting glimpses of what it felt like before the incident. Sometimes lasting minutes and a few of them were close to 100% of pre incident self. Thanks! Swim also thinks that this can be reversed with hard work, determination and spheritual grounding. Keppra could be a big help as well. Neural plasticity is a two way street it just takes time and persistence. Swim is giving it his all with the belief that swim can get his old self back. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_E._Goodman Thanks!!!
  2. Blackbart1720

    Keppra (NAME BRAND ONLY) cured my HPPD after 15 years

    Swim used lsd sever times in the 90s with no hppd or negative effects. Than twenty years later (two years ago) Swim took less than a micro dose of clean but highly deluded lsd. While on it Swim did not trip and could barely tell Swim took anything, in fact if it was given to Swim without swims knowledge Swim would not have noticed it. About a week later Swim started to develop a buzzing head, crippling anxiety, insomnia and than panic attacks that would wake swim up in the middle of the night. Around this time swims vision went to hell with double images of lights at night, floaters, mild afterimages, Tinnitus and light sensitivity but no visual snow (Swim knows the visual symptoms pale in comparison to yours and others). The hard core anxiety and waking panic attacks lasted about 3 or 4 months and the intense insomnia lasted for about 7 months and never fully went away. The visual symptoms reduced about by about 20-30% and seem to have plateaued. Swims mind is still racing, like it’s misfiring and swim can’t meditate cuz swims brain won’t quit (Swim could easily quiet his mind with meditation and swim did it on the reg before the event). Swims brain always feels like it’s clenched or in a fight or flight mode that has become the norm. The worst part is Swim dosent feel any joy or any of the feelings that added emotional color to swims life. Swims not sure if it’s hppd or from anxiety, like a ptsd type of anxiety. BTW Swim doesn't smoke pot or use any other drugs.
  3. Blackbart1720

    Keppra (NAME BRAND ONLY) cured my HPPD after 15 years

    Do you think you’ll have to take Keppra indefinitely or will it over time tone hppd symptoms permanently. I’ve head some say they have to keep taking it while others were cleared up over six months to a year and tapered of of Keppra. Maybe it depends on severity of th hppd or physiology of the individual.

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