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  1. i cant tell if its getting worse or not but the tinnitus has become more frequent and longer and more open eye visuals than usual ive been taking fish oil and trying to get the best sleep i can will it get worse before it gets better? or is it just in my head u think?
  2. anyone had any luck with kratom if so what was it like and how did it effect ur hppd
  3. ive heard of people getting hppd and then using drugs again one it went away have u guys ever heard of anyone smoking weed again that all i want tnh
  4. dooo i have a chance of getting better if i go healthy and stop smoking
  5. has anyone ever gotten 100% better without hhaving to stop smoke ive had it for a month wake up with static vision and miving ceiling and curtins any one help me please
  6. ive had hppd for about a month weed use still and id like to know what supplements i should get or if i should stop smoking weed and cigarettes will i ever be brtter? symptoms: headaches moving objects halos on lightse etc
  7. lilmopHEAD1


    ive had hppd for about a month now weed use continued but idk i want to know if i should stop smokin weed and is there any supplements the promoe brain function or w.e? symptoms: halos on lights moving objects etc
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