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  1. Before I begin, I've taken acid a multitude of times within the past 5 months which isn't the smartest, but its something I enjoy and it lets me escape the stress of reality for a little bit. I've tripped on tabs upwards of 6 times and I've tripped on shrooms 3 times. Every experience has been pretty good except for one bad trip the second time I took shrooms. I felt like I couldn't feel my skin. I thought I was going to pass out or something. I realized it was just a bad trip as soon as I started trying to go back to my room to go to sleep (I was at my college campus in my friends dorm, she was also tripping but her roommate was not). I woke up the next day and felt fine and worked out why I had at bad trip in the first place. But this last time I tripped was completely different. Last night, at 10pm, my friends and I dropped what are supposedly needlepoint tabs. Some people know them as deadhead tabs or grateful dead tabs. Anyways, my friends took 2 and I took 1 and they were geeking out, seeing insane colors, and I was just chilling like I normally do. I never really freaked out or lost my chill on acid, which is why I enjoy doing it so much. About 3 and a half or four hours into my trip, my friends and i decided we were all going to take like 2/3 of another tab (my friend cut 2 tabs really weirdly we just went with it) and about and hour or two later that tab started kicking in. I started tripping absolute nuts and felt myself disassociate almost. I felt like I was melting into the ground and I felt like time wasn't moving at all. Some unexplainable shit started happening too. About 7 hours into my trip, I think I started hallucinating. That's the only way I can make sense of this right now. I was terrified. I felt like I was never going to wake up. I became confused about everything and felt like my brain wasn't processing the conversations people were having around me and I became extremely paranoid about people looking at me. I was having a conversation with my friend and she was telling me that I could snap myself out my trip whenever I wanted and that I was just fighting my brain. She was telling me that I was sitting in the dorm right now and she was staring at me but we were walking around in the dorm. She was telling me that there are certain things that are out of place that I will start noticing and my mind started making me enjoy the trip more. About an hour later I started calming down and accepting what was happening and I started thinking outside the box a little bit. I decided I was having an out of body experience and time was just really really slowed down. The only thing I can compare it to is the movie inception when they are running around in someones mind and time is going much slower cause they're deep in a dream. Anyway, I started thinking of ways to get out of it and I thought I could "sink out" of my trip and thats how I was going to sober up completely. This is where I can't really figure out what happened. I was laying in my friends hammock and just closing my eyes. Since I was freaking out and crying so much my friend made me smoke to see if I would fall asleep. When I closed my eyes I could see through my eyelids and almost see myself looking at my friend while having a conversation with myself. The faller I fell into my trip, the more I could understand the muffled conversation my brain was having with itself. Eventually I my mind got too exhausted and I fell alseep. Now I'm awake. I went to bed around 8:00 or 8:30 and woke up at like 3:00. Now I feel like I'm still tripping. My body still kind of has that tingling warm sensation, colors are still really vibrant, my vision is staticy. So yeah I'm just trying to figure out why I'm still tripping 19 and a half hours. If you guys could tell me your experience or help me figure out why I'm feeling like this that would be awesome because as far as I'm concerned I feel like I'm just slowly going to lose my mind.