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    First of all sorry for my speech, I don't talk English very well) It may be important to say I did 400ug lsd the time I did it for the first time, and it was a very pleasant trip. Also I saw snow in the sky since. I was a kid. So I started a few months ago trying psychedelics but I have been using weed for 5-6 years, I felt amazing each psychedelic I tried, then I smoke weed with nothing else and I got lsd headspace, I felt as if I was on a low dose of lsd, but it felt "nice". A few weeks ago I was starting been able to see snow while staring at the sky or in pure color bright surfaces but I thought that was just after effects. THIS IS THE TRIGGERING DOSE: weeks ago I did a 275ug dose but I didn't get closed eye visuals at all! (I used to feel them at >120ug blotters) I just felt lsd headspace a little. (less than on weed) and some open eye visuals (patterns in the walls and stuff around peripheral vision, but only in the dark) That trip was about 100ug but I was sure those tabs are 275 because I took them twice. Now I get tinnitus a lot louder and I am always noticing a weird flowing energy all around the air, more intense in the dark. I don't have any meth-like hallucinations (very real mind fucking hallucinations) but I did meth only twice. AM I DEVELOPING HPPD? Also everything I read is difficult to find any sense or meaning, I have to focus a little hard to write/read in order to fully understand what's wrote or I will read 20 times a sentence. I don't get light/objects trails at all, actually I never got them from any of my 3-4 lsd trips (from MD (threshold) to >400ug) but I got natural after-images trails since I can remember, and when I moved my hand so fast, I saw just a big flat hand, some people said they didn't see the effect I was trying to mean. Time doesn't really matter now as I have no sense of it and seems like it is going very very fast! 1 hours felt like only 15 minutes and I used to noticed this when I take lsd except for the last time I took it, it just went normal, I even wanted to increase the underwhelming effects but 3 hours into the trip another dose is a waste. The only bad trip I had on psychedelics was the one before, when I was redosing lsd. (Have dropped about 4 times) and the next day another redose with about only 20ug (threshold dose) and it hit me worst than ever and the whole day I was depressed. I have severe front head pain and neck pain through the day. Am I really on it? It will be necessary to cut drugs? I love weed but if so I will stop any drug. The fact of tripping every day every time is crazy! Wow such a big post! Thank you for listening!

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