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  1. coleross2300

    Please tell me if I have it

    thats a good idea man, the reason i think its in my head is because i was convinced i was having a cardiac arrest for 6 months straight after reading the symptoms, and I only started to feel this after reading about it
  2. coleross2300

    Please tell me if I have it

    yeah , i only like to use it to get high in a social situation but it works as a good medicine in all other situations, and I'm not sure if you saw my edit above but I'm still wondering if i even have it at all or if im just obsessing like a hypochondriac haha.. my main fear isnt the visuals, its having blood pressure problems because that can cause a stroke easily for me as a paraplegic
  3. coleross2300

    Please tell me if I have it

    I have, but mainly indicas with higher THC help... im still not 100 percent sure I have it as it doesnt seem to bother me unless i think of it, and that makes me think it could just be me obsessing like i have in the past over other illnesses
  4. I am panicking. Do you think I have it ? I did acid once , just one tab , last Wednesday and i just have some minor problems, like a little bit of head pressure and it seems like reflections last a bit longer . I'm starting to panic though reading that this is how it starts , as I already have autonomic dysreflexia being a paraplegic and cannot deal with blood pressure problems . Please answer I'm only 17, could it all just be in my head ?, I have also tried adderall , not for about 6 months now , and shrooms twice , and have my medical marijuana license. Please help me

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