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  1. Hey guys, i am 18 years of age and have taken LSD 50-60 times last year. I have recently noticed that i may have HPPD and as wondering if its even worth going to a psychiatrist about it. They wont be able to cure me and it will be on my medical record and may prevent my future plans. I hope someone can help me about what to do.
  2. HPPDisntTHATbad

    Why am I getting worse!

    I am 18 years of age, i have only noticed that i have HPPD for the past 3-4 months after seeing some articles about it. i must have taken 50-60 tabs within a year and HPPD has only got worse over the past few months. Although it has not been that long it gets considerably worse over time. Its nothing to worry about as dealing with it can be accomplished but do not dwell on it and let you worry. There many never be a time when you over come in only learn to deal with it permanently and effectively.

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