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  1. Nice maddoc that's awesome. I just got my 90 capsules from green mountain cbd today, 20mg each. I like them so far. I'm going to go ahead and take what happened on that trip as a warning, I had my fun, and what I was looking for through its use turns out I already have inside. Good reassurance to stay away from it, because who knows what could happen next time. Piter I appreciate the response also. Your guys responses have helped reduce a lot of added stress I did not need. Every now and again I will "test" my vision and it's significantly improved, got an eye exam and retinal scan 20/20 everything normal. Rye, thankyou as well for your response. It's all greatly appreciated.
  2. Haven't replied because I took your advice eye. It's weird, if I stare at the grain on the wood or carpet or ceiling the natural patterns won't move if I think sentences while I'm staring. I'm starting to think I just got my bell rung pretty good and the anxiety of focusing in on it constantly allows me to notice what I probably would have naturally noticed anyway, especially now wat I know what to look for. Im thinking of trying weed again in moderate doses daily in a couple months because there was nothing like it to treat my c-ptsd. For now it's cbd oil which is an amazing thing I might add. Thanks for the responses so far guys I really appreciate it
  3. Quick update, I've been taking cbd the last couple days, came off lithium which I started taking a little over a month ago, and had a 22oz beer and the visuals were completely gone. I stared at the wood grain table at outback and normally the dark parts of the grain would move a little side to side but it didn't no matter how long I stared. Weird but awesome. I'll take it
  4. I was diagnosed with mild nystagmus which I know wasn't something I had before the trip. It's kind of just the natural outlines of the pattern already on the texture comes out and lightly moves side to side for a couple seconds then stops. Definitely have to stare my way into a little trance tho lol for it to happen. If it's a ceiling with paint dots on it no pattern comes out the dots just move a little side to side. If I stare at the oven or my phone it doesn't happen ever. Just stuff with distinctive patterns, also a granite counter top I think does it slightly too
  5. Hey I'm new here, just signed up a couple weeks ago. I had a really bad trip on what I think was acid, liquid dropped from the vile on sour patch kids, didn't taste anything except the sour patch kids. It's been about 3 months since then and the first couple days afterward I felt intensely spiritually connected/enlightened and if I tried to drink alcohol it gave me intense anxiety. A little over a month ago drinking was fine again and if anything helped my symptom. I don't have visual snow or any of that, my only symptom is if I stare for 5-10 seconds at a carpet or ceiling or tile floor with simple patterns or just dots on it it will start to move left then right then left again then stop or if I readjust my eyes it stops. It only happens if I look for it. Wondering if this is hppd or anxiety or normal visual disturbance that I'm now noticing because I know wat to look for. I have complex ptsd and the previous trips up until that one were decently positive. Thanks in advance!