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  1. Hey I came on this forum last winter freaking out that I might have good. All my symptoms and story are on a different post, not sure if I had hppd or early warning signs but I am here to say that they have diminished greatly and it may have been a mental thing as I’ve continued he’s doing ptsd therapy and stopped focusing on the symptoms and now I’ll even try to “re-activate” my symptoms the same way I’d focus on them before and it’s pretty well gone. Probably was just normal phenomena amplified by fear and what I’ve “learned” from the trips in terms of what my brain can produce in terms of visuals. I also believe it may not have been hppd because I can smoke weed again (after taking an 8 month break with nothing except some nicotine from cigars and an accumulation of no more than 30 drinks) and have no problems. Maybe this helps somebody maybe it doesn’t, figured I’d post something g because the people here helped save my sanity and I figured at least giving an update would be something, as I remembered seeing someone post before how people who do recover usually move forward and never look back (including coming back to post here sometimes) for fear of re triggering symptoms or just don’t want to think about it again. So that’s the update, I’m on no meds anymore, can smoke without any issues and life is generally pretty good. Thanks for the support! Hope this helps somebody
  2. I also have severe complex ptsd from years of childhood sexual abuse and from some violent stuff in my adulthood. Thanks Baltimore
  3. Oh yeah, there is no way I’m touching any of that stuff ever again. Not even weed for a really long time if ever again. Alcohol actually stopped giving me anxiety a couple months ago. My reaction to it is normal now for sure. I think I took a good knock from acid and have taken some good lessons from it, but enough is enough and I have no intention of risking my sanity for one more trip. I’m working with an integrative/functional medicine doctor to restore my body to homeostasis n such
  4. I’ve stayed away for a while now and it’s helped a lot. Sometimes I’ll ask ppl if the glow around a bright light at night is normal, or if the plus sign of varying degrees based of brightness/size of light is normal, and it’s always a yes. I just figured I’d come back and say I pretty well feel normal, 2nd guess myself sometimes, but pretty much normal. I remember jay or someone saying on another post there aren’t many success stories because when ppl get better they want to forget everything about this and stay away from the forum, or they realized it was mild and not a thing or just forget to come back to forum, so I wanted to say something. Because I feel pretty good and this experience has opened me up to some ptsd stuff I’ve needed to deal with for a while. Ur support has helped me drastically thank you for that too, I would still be wondering if I was fucked or not without ppl here
  5. Nice maddoc that's awesome. I just got my 90 capsules from green mountain cbd today, 20mg each. I like them so far. I'm going to go ahead and take what happened on that trip as a warning, I had my fun, and what I was looking for through its use turns out I already have inside. Good reassurance to stay away from it, because who knows what could happen next time. Piter I appreciate the response also. Your guys responses have helped reduce a lot of added stress I did not need. Every now and again I will "test" my vision and it's significantly improved, got an eye exam and retinal scan 20/20 everything normal. Rye, thankyou as well for your response. It's all greatly appreciated.
  6. Haven't replied because I took your advice eye. It's weird, if I stare at the grain on the wood or carpet or ceiling the natural patterns won't move if I think sentences while I'm staring. I'm starting to think I just got my bell rung pretty good and the anxiety of focusing in on it constantly allows me to notice what I probably would have naturally noticed anyway, especially now wat I know what to look for. Im thinking of trying weed again in moderate doses daily in a couple months because there was nothing like it to treat my c-ptsd. For now it's cbd oil which is an amazing thing I might add. Thanks for the responses so far guys I really appreciate it
  7. Quick update, I've been taking cbd the last couple days, came off lithium which I started taking a little over a month ago, and had a 22oz beer and the visuals were completely gone. I stared at the wood grain table at outback and normally the dark parts of the grain would move a little side to side but it didn't no matter how long I stared. Weird but awesome. I'll take it
  8. I was diagnosed with mild nystagmus which I know wasn't something I had before the trip. It's kind of just the natural outlines of the pattern already on the texture comes out and lightly moves side to side for a couple seconds then stops. Definitely have to stare my way into a little trance tho lol for it to happen. If it's a ceiling with paint dots on it no pattern comes out the dots just move a little side to side. If I stare at the oven or my phone it doesn't happen ever. Just stuff with distinctive patterns, also a granite counter top I think does it slightly too
  9. Hey I'm new here, just signed up a couple weeks ago. I had a really bad trip on what I think was acid, liquid dropped from the vile on sour patch kids, didn't taste anything except the sour patch kids. It's been about 3 months since then and the first couple days afterward I felt intensely spiritually connected/enlightened and if I tried to drink alcohol it gave me intense anxiety. A little over a month ago drinking was fine again and if anything helped my symptom. I don't have visual snow or any of that, my only symptom is if I stare for 5-10 seconds at a carpet or ceiling or tile floor with simple patterns or just dots on it it will start to move left then right then left again then stop or if I readjust my eyes it stops. It only happens if I look for it. Wondering if this is hppd or anxiety or normal visual disturbance that I'm now noticing because I know wat to look for. I have complex ptsd and the previous trips up until that one were decently positive. Thanks in advance!
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