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  1. http://www.iflscience.com/brain/brain-scans-show-how-lsd-creates-a-sense-of-oneness-with-the-world/
  2. Maybe someone tried Electroconvulsive therapy? Heard that it helps for others
  3. Try to forget now everything about it, relax and accept it, start doing some new activities, live healthy, try clonazepam maybe it could reduce your halludinations and after some time you will get back full on track.
  4. Hello does anyone known treatment which could help to up mood?
  5. On last saturday 18 h goes trip,8 hours was most intensively, when took felt lost in my self and anxiety. Friend took and everything was good to him. So i don't know.
  6. I'm felling so fucked up, felling depressed, anxiety, bad mood, panic attacks,depersonalation, hallucions, I felt thirst symptoms one day after lsd taking, now it's hard to focuse on everything: school, family.... Which offers you could give me? healthy lifestyle,meditation, yoga very hard to focus on them in the beggining. Any suggestions how to reduce these things?
  7. How you felling now ?and which treatment you chosen?
  8. Hello someone who tried these Xanax, Diazepam, Valium to reduce panic, anxiety how it's work?
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