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    LASIK Risks?

    Hi, I've had HPPD since 2005. To various extents. Hasn't really bothered me in years to be honest, I can see floaters on a bright day if I look at the sky, my eyesight in the dark is pretty woeful and I get the occasional halo, flashing images but not nearly like it was ten years ago. My main issue now is anxiety; not sure if this is related to HPPD or not but guessing it is. It's awful after drinking booze especially, at the stage now where it's just not worth it, I tried taking Benzos during hangovers but the side effects of that weren't worth it; shaking, mental dreams, DR etc. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting LASIK surgery. I had bad eyesight before I got HPPD so I'm just trying to improve my eyesight in general; not trying to get rid of HPPD syptoms. My only concern is if LASIK will somehow make these symptoms worse, as I said, they are fine at the minute but just concerned that they may make it worse. Anybody get the surgery and care to share experiences? Thanks

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