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  1. Olá @exaciduser, vi que você é brasileira. É muito difícil encontrar alguém aqui que seja do Brasil. Eu não sou muito experiente a respeito do hppd, tenho os sintomas a cerca de um ano. Se quiser, entre em contato comigo por aqui, me mande uma mensagem para que possamos conversar mais a respeito. Continue firme, até logo .
  2. It would not be a cure, but I have seen many reports that it helps with anxiety, and that helps a lot. At the moment I do not use any medicine, sometimes I do not think I really need it, but it would be a medicine to think about making use of. Thanks for your response.
  3. yeah, meditation has helped me a lot more than anything external. As much as anxiety sometimes insists, always telling myself that I'm okay and that I'm not crazy is working very well for me hahaha. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello friends, I researched the topics about medications, but found few things about valerian. On some sites it says to be useful for hppd, but here I do not find people saying conclusively that valerian is really useful. In my case, I think that if improving my anxiety / depression will already be a lot of help. I await your reports, tnks .
  5. Dude, you told me something that really was very useful to me in the last few months. The thing that made me feel the symptoms the least was meditate and always put on the mind "live the present, the past and the future do not matter" and it is very beneficial for me. I am gradually ignoring the symptoms.I'm even thinking about doing hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis has brought great benefits to people with depression and anxiety. I would not say I have OCD, it seems more like the memory in my head that I have these visual effects.
  6. Thank you for your story @K.B.Fante. It must be very difficult to deal with this for a long time, but I believe that time makes a people at least get used to it. Thank you @MadDoc, It's very comforting to know that I can improve. Maybe not 100%, but I think if I can control anxiety and panic attacks, I'll feel much better. I think it's crazy to have stayed like this for half an LSD, so I'd rather not use it again. I think my psychological is too weak to be tested. Thanks for the words, I will continue the fight.
  7. I came to talk to you about my symptoms a little bit. I'm Brazilian, so if I say something wrong, I apologize, but I'm still not fluent in English. About 11 months ago I tried lsd with a friend, after an hour we used weed, and after that I had a very bad trip. Only today I was able to find this forum, because until then I did not even know what I really have. After using lsd, I have never used lsd or weed again. Since then, I have a lot of anxiety, sometimes I feel very depressed, and I really feel some visual effects, such as sensitivity to light, things seem to vibrate a little, and it seems that sometimes I see traces in moving things. What makes me bad is that I can never stop thinking about it all, I try to fight against my own mind not to think about it, but it's very difficult, when I realize it, I'm thinking about it. From what I understand I have hppd, but is it normal for me to think about it constantly? Sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy. This site was very inspiring to me, until then I was very afraid of what happened to me, and not knowing that there are so many other people with the same problem. So, THANK YOU for making me a little calmer. I will accompany you always now, hoping that I will improve. Thank you.
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