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    How Long Have You Had HPPD For?

    @Jay1Did your mild HPPD worsen due to drug use or did it just happen naturally?
  2. jmflash

    Weed + HPPD

    So I've been living with HPPD from acid for about 2 and 1/2 months now. I recently started to smoke weed again. Not too much just maybe once or twice a week with friends. Yes, the visuals get worse when I'm high and I feel way more on edge than before I got HPPD but I always seem to be fine the next day. Does anyone have a similar situation? Should I stay away from weed altogether? I'm especially curious if smoking weed with HPPD effected somebody negatively in the long run. Cheers! -Julian
  3. I've had HPPD since August 2017 from LSD and I've honestly learned to live with it (which is the best advice I can give anyone). I was scared out of my mind when I first got it but since I know what it is I've learned not be frightened and just go about my day. I still think about it 24/7 which is kinda annoying but It hasn't had such a big effect that I had to change anything about my life. How long have you guys had HPPD for? How long did it take before you were able to live a comfortable life again? For me, I spent two weeks in hell wondering if I was ever going to be okay again. I now kinda just treat it like its never going to go away and I should just move along and live my life.

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