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  1. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I might have to change majors and minor in my other area of study. It's just too much right now trying to do both. But I'm not disappointed or anything because I can still reach my dream career with the other degree. Some questions: 1) What caused your HPPD? Do you have extensive drug history? 2) Have you ever seeked help? Like seeing a phychiatrist or something? 3) Have you ever been placed on any medications? 4) Do you exercise and does it help you actually? I have heard it can make it worse. 4.5) do you have Visual Snow? If so, have you found methods to reduce it? 5) Why do you say you have a long road to go? Have you been using drugs or stimulants while having HPPD or is it something else? Thanks for your advice and thanks for discussing this with me. It helps me a lot to understand this more.
  2. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    I had HPPD before the death occurred. I have been grieving and it does indeed put a massive strain on recovery and body. I have been trying to overcome it now because if I do, it will make it better to recover I think. Like you said, I got to keep a positive mindset overall, and just try to stay as healthy as possible (eating, sleeping, possibly trying to exercise, and making sure I know what I put in my body). I am going to stay away from alcohol, stimulants, and other drugs because I do not want this to reoccur and this also probably gives me a better chance of recovering. Hopefully in the near future, I can recover completely in vision, and be near or close to what my mental state used to be. I also understand that there is a possibility I may just have to live with it. We shall see. Thanks for all your help talking with me and I will update this post occasionally to talk about how I am doing as a whole.
  3. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Okay thank you very much for your advice. I will agree that I have felt regret and mad at least once a day, and I will try to just move on with that. I will try to stay updated on my experience, because I think this forum has potential to help me. It is nice to be able to talk to people who ensure the same or similar experiences and hear about recovery stories. Luckily, I see my pysch next week and I will take into consideration what we have talked about here and what should be the next step for me. Because the medication has been great but like you and the psych said, I do not want to be on it long term. And it could be the medication beginning to affect me, it could be that I have not been getting enough rest, and it could be that I do not have proper nutrition, but hopefully by next week I can get this figured out and find out what I need to continue to do to recover. I am confident I can get extremely better. I've had a rough year besides the HPPD, and I want to have a bright future ahead of me. I will say though with just loosing a parent due to an accident, I have taken an appreciation to being alive everyday. I just worry for my life length, as medications and suffering through illnesses like this can take a toll on people.
  4. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Ok thank you very much for the information. Any other couple things of advice you would give to me that you wish you knew at my age? Some things I should know about recovery and learning more about this disorder?
  5. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Ok I understand what you are saying. I have not heard about SSRIs or ant psychs before. Could you care to explain what these are so I know what to look for?
  6. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Yeah this week has been pretty bad so far. I have constantly been having headaches, but luckily I see my psych next Tuesday so we are definitely going to talk about this. In addition, I have been up every night until like 12 to 2 am because of homework and am I barely getting any sleep because I have class in the morning. I need to get this situated now. I have been taking it since September 1. I have not had time to exercise due to coursework unfortunately, as I have been struggling in school as a whole and that has taken a toll on my stress as well. Trying to do well in a top ten school for your degree program is hard to balance with this. I also need to start eating better, most days I do not eat the best, but some days I eat very well, which is why he wanted me to start taking one a day supplements so I was getting proper nutrition in and things like magnesium etc. I have no desire to ever use any drugs again. Even alcohol. I do not want this to possibly come back and the only time I would ever use anything again is when I am prescribed something for an illness such as flu or strep throat or etc.
  7. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Yeah I've heard about that since it is a Benzodiazepine. I don't have any history of addiction to substances. But I understand what you are saying when you say withdrawal. I have heard about it, and I will talk with my pysch about it when I see him next week. I'm only at .5 mg. I take one in morning and two before sleep. Since being on the medication, the main thing that has bothered me is the visual snow still, as it's the one thing that continues to constantly affect me. And being in college and being in a top tier school with one of the most difficult majors, I've with either thought about switching majors (probably might happen) or switch schools closer to home (but I would loose my psych and not be at the same institution). I will definitely say this has affected me academically because I can not stay up like I used to and study like I used to. I need to get a certain amount of sleep each day. Sorry for the long response, but you seem like a long time user on this forum. I dont think you have HPPD from Marijuana/THC Edibles, but is there any advice or suggestions you think I should take into consideration to try to recover soon? I have abstained from all alcohol, stimulants, and I will never do any form of marijuana again. I have no other previous medical drug use besides when prescribed. If I do successfully recover, I want to make sure that I keep the greatest possibility of keeping this away from coming back.
  8. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Thank you. I hope so too. It's been crazy so far. It just happened in the instance of a day. Any advice or anything you can give me? If I may ask, did you get it from Marijuana/THC Edibles too?
  9. StatsMan96

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Hi all, I am a 21 year old man who has been struggling with HPPD since August 5, 2017. My family has a history of anxiety and this may have played a impact in why I got diagnosed. I am currently in college at a University, and have been seeing a psychiatrist since September 1. I am also taking clonazepam daily and it has tremendously helped me with my symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder since I got HPPD. One night, I was at a friend's house and he had a Wana Brand Sour Gummie watermelon edible. I have smoked twice before and occasionally drink, so I figured I would try it because we were going to a concert and he told me it was a gift for me. Well, number one I took it on a empty stomach, just came off of having mono for three months, and was not really up for doing it in the first place. I ended up taking it and the next three hours were a nightmare. I was tripping, seeing glasses full of water even when I had just drank them. I also experienced severe headaches and migraines and my friend looped a couple of times. So when we went out, I had him help me around. Eventually it wore off that night, but I have been diagnosed with HPPD and dealing with it ever since. Two weeks after the incident (I had a lot of beer in between), I had a panic attack one night and had a friend help me drive somewhere after I stopped and let him drive. I was having trouble sleeping and waking up with panic attacks every night after that. I finally went and saw a psych on September 1, and got prescribed clonazepam. Like I said before it has helped a ton, and I see him every two weeks. While my anxiety and panic attacks (none since meds) has decreased, I am still experiencing visual snow with glares and halos and stuff in my vision. I have abstained from alcohol, drugs, stimulants, and any sexual activity since August 18. I am in college and it has greatly affected me this semester. I cannot quit school, so I just try to do the best that I can. Plus my psych is offered through the school. We have talked a lot and he tells me that based off of my experience and the fact that I only had the edible once, I should be okay within months to come. He advocates I also take one a day to get in vitamins such as magnesium. By the way, he has been dealing with HPPD cases for a very long time from a variety of drugs from LSD to Molly to Weed. So he is very knowledgeable on what's going on. This forum seems very helpful, and I just want to know has anybody had a similar experience to me in the past? I really hope to recover soon, but as we all know this illness could be very brief or last long. Even if you do not have the same experience, is there any advice you could give to me about dealing with this disorder. I just hope to one day have my vision restored to normal and be a little less anxious at times. Thanks for reading and I look forward to engaging in convos with some of you about this.

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