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  1. I think I'll see how I do for the coming week or two; if the circumstances are still not preferable, then I shall consider switching to Keppra again. Hopefully there are others who have some similar experiences to mine which ended positively with the same medication.
  2. Yeah my father is on a high dose of Keppra for epilepsy and he said a similar thing. So you experienced the loss of libido which eventually subsided? That makes Keppra seem a bit more appealing. I agree with what you're saying, I'm just concerned that rather than this simply being a worsening of symptoms as an onset thing, it will remain unless I stop taking the medication, like others have stated. I have yet to find anyone who has experienced a worsening prior to improvement, especially for lamotirigine.
  3. I did try keppra a while ago, but it was during an anxious period so I ended up coming off it at a low dose of 250mg. I found that I felt quite aggressive as well, and that my libido was impaired when I was on Keppra. I noticed on an older post you stated that you even experienced visual improvements on Lamotrigine, so that's a shame about the skin reaction. Given the stronger afterimages and their increased frequency, I think I will taper off Lamotrigine.
  4. But an improvement of palinopsia etc? I'm struggling to understand why symptoms may worsen before they improve at all on medications like lamotrigine, given that every case I've read where individuals experienced improvement of symptoms never experienced a worsening prior to that improvement.
  5. Sounds similar to what I'm experiencing - my afterimages have become more stronger for example. So the keppra didn't improve your visuals?
  6. Do you mind me asking which symptoms were worsened and how suring your first month of Keppra? Additionally, what improvements did you experience?
  7. I was speculating whether it's due to the brain adjusting to the inhibitory chemicals that are being introduced. I read that report and it mentioned she saw improvements even on the tapering in doses as well, but I concur that it may definitely just take some more time. Thanks for your suggestions!
  8. I'm not sure, but I think I began to experience an exasperation of my symptoms at lower doses as well though, but perhaps lowering the dose may still be a good idea. I'm hoping that this may be the process that others who successfully alleviated their symptoms with lamotrigine experienced: a temporary worsening prior to a substantial improvement.
  9. Sorry, meant to say i have currently* just upped my dosage, progressing by 25mg per week. I know that anti-convulsants take a substantial period of time to become completely effective. I'm just concerned by the exasperation of my symptoms. I noticed others on this forum have had negative effects produced by lamotrigine as well.
  10. I think i will unfortunately have to terminate my consumption of lamotrigine, as i think it is worsening my symptoms noticeably; specifically my afterimages and trails/tracers. Coherently just upped to 125mg a day.
  11. Hey guys, just a quick question for any of you concerning how lamotrigine effected your HPPD. How long did it take for positive effects to present themselves? Did you experience any worsening of your symptoms when you first began your medication? What dosage are you currently on? I am personally on week two of my lamotrigine, and I've observed some worsening of my symptoms ,especially my afterimages. Thanks!
  12. I see. Have you or anyone else experienced flashing within letters themselves; for example, if you stare at the letter ‘o’ and see flashing inside the inner area of the letter? I’ve been experiencing such flashing.
  13. Hey guys, just a quick question: do any of you guys experience movement of text when reading such as in a wave-like motion as a component of your HPPD condition? It’s one of my symptoms which has worsened with stress recently, and it seems interesting that a lot of the symptoms of HPPD like cognitive difficulties especially with reading along with moving words are similar to those in forms of dyslexia and visual stress syndrome.
  14. Greatly appreciate your response and input to my questions Jay and MacDoc. MacDoc, if you don’t mind me enquiring, what symptoms concerning the reading difficulties you experienced were the ones that improved? I practiced mindfulness meditation for s few months but no where near as consistently as I would desire to in order to experience the beneficial effects it can produce. Thank you both for the suggestions.
  15. Hey guys, I thought I would introduce myself and post my own testimony of how I acquired HPPD, and also ask a few specific questions, maybe to provide some solidarity for others, and also seek some advice. I acquired this disorder following consuming MDMA on a number of instances: June 2015; October 2015; June 2016; and September 2016. I consumed cannabis on the majority of these instances as well. In hindsight, I had extremely minor symptoms from the first three instances of MDMA consumption, and it was primarily the final instance which triggered the disorder and the visual and cognitive symptoms it presents with. From September 2016, I began to noticeably experience: headaches; depersonalisation; pallinopsia in the form of primarily negative after images but also positive after images, especially of words from screens or pages when reading and screens, although they appear to be progressing to affecting all perceptual stimuli generally; trails and tracers, such as car lights or even my hands in bright environments; visual snow and static, evident mostly in dark environments but present when concentrating on certain spots; flashes of light in peripheral vision; Blue field entoptic phenomenon; cognitive impairment such as memory issues, difficulty with mental visualisation and forming sentences; perceptual difficulties with depth and difficulty with the process of reading (the process itself doesn't seem to be fluent or automatic like it was prior to consumption) which probably coincides with the cognitive impairment which worsens the issues with reading. The prior instances of consumption from June 2015 - June 2016 in hindsight had resulted in milder headaches and some limited visual and cognitive dysfunction, but I had associated this with a co-existing health issue which was diagnosed by a Neurologist at the time (Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity; imagine Coeliac disease but exclusively affecting your nervous system). Following the final instance in September 2016, I eliminated all substances from my lifestyle, including caffeine and alcohol. I saw no real improvements, and attempted drinking for a period between January 2017 to March 2017 before eliminating it again from my diet, although I began to drink tea and coffee again, which I've maintained thus far - there appears to be no acute exasperation of my symptoms following the consumption of caffeine. My symptoms - apart from the depersonalisation, which resolved after a few months, and the cognitive impairment which has remained the same - have gradually worsened as time has progressed. I'm currently in my third year of University, and attempting to instigate a healthier lifestyle in relation to exercise, with hope that it may still improve and make my final year of University easier. I desired to make a few general enquiries to any of you in similar situations: 1) How does condition respond to stimulants such as caffeine? Do you believe it temporarily or permanently worsens your symptoms? Or perhaps impairs the recovery process? My concern is whether caffeine in my situation has caused chronic exasperation of my symptoms despite the absence of an acute exasperation. 2) Is alcohol likewise a problematic substance in regards to the chances of recovery? 3) Have any of you been in the same situation, with your symptoms worsening a year or so onwards prior to their improvement? 4) is there any particular advice you could offer, or perhaps your own anecdotal experience? 5) Have any of you experienced the cognitive and mechanical dysfunction I've described with reading? And if so have you saw any improvements? As I previously mentioned I do possess some accompanying health issues such as Non-coeliac Gluten Sensitivity which manifests itself with neurological symptoms such as mild Neuromyotonia - minor myoclonic jerks and tremors. I have also attempted the anti-convulsant Keppra or Levetiracetam, but ceased its implementation due to the negative effects outweighing the mild positive effects it provided for visual symptoms. No doubt I have failed to disclose some information concerning my own experiences, but if you have any questions then feel free to enquire, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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