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    Just relax, accept and ignore it I guess

    Thanks, will give it okay a proper go this time. Tried it before but I could see the static with my eyes closed, so didn't find meditation easy/relaxing.
  2. Hi all, I started seeing static on walls, carpets, grass which has now progressed to seeing static everywhere, sensitivity to the light, trailing images and very poor night vision, plus tinnitus (which apparently is related to HPPD). This happened over a 5 month period. It started after I drunkenly mixed MDMA, NOS/balloons, weed and ketamine and had a fairly bad trip. Also had a few heavy concussions around that time where I couldn't walk properly for a few weeks, due to the brain damage. Happened to see an optician a few months before the symptoms started and was told I've got perfect vision. Now the optician is saying it's satisfactory. Saw a Dr recently who is reffering me to an opthmathologist, so will report back if they can do anything, but sounds like the medical research is lacking in this field and few Drs actually know about it. I've tried to realise and control my anxiety it's caused, because I was already very anxious (probably led me to my drug abuse) and it was impacting my life and social skills too much. Other ways I'm trying to cope: •Telling myself to relax • No drugs, but caffiene and alcohol are difficult not to. • Multivitamens and Omega 3 • Wearing sunglasses • Exercise every day • Keep my mind active. And just thinking, well at least I'm not blind, it just makes seeing a bit more energetic now. Thanks for reading, needed to get it off my chest to people who understand.

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