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  1. Has anyone tried nefiracetam? I searched the whole hppd forums and never found anything on it.
  2. Well, one floater isn't hppd, sure. But when the brain suddenly starts to observe 5-10 floaters, it is a sign that the brain is being stimulated/hyperactive. If you have trails and floaters, I could only based on that say that you have hppd, the severity is up to you to decide. But if you have one tiny floater, then no hppd.
  3. It is hppd, trails and floaters are one of the symptoms that accompany hppd. I wouldn't suggest taking benzo, but since you already have hppd, you might aswell try to trake them when needed, or cycle 4 day on them and 3 days off of them. If I were you, a senior in hs, i'd get myself some klonopin and do the cycles. Then i'd also take some propranolol. If I felt that I couldn't focus on anything because of anxiety, i'd even go on smoking pot. But carefully.
  4. Looks like i'll have to follow Jay's advice aswell and drop college for a year. I never drank alcohol (besides 1-2 times a year of binge), never smoked cigs, never did illegal drugs, but hppd/vs still hit me. I see no point in abstaining from cigs or alcohol from now on. I need a relief, a ''get out of my mind'' sensation. I lived a life of abstain from things that all of my friends did. And I still fucked my brain, and they didn't. Sad, sad existence with no profits in the end. Life is a fucking joke.
  5. Okay, so I don't know if the valerian, peppermint oil and phenobarbital I took worsened my visual snow, afterimages and tracers, but I plan to take a peppermint and valerian again without pheno. Should I be safe or better not to gamble?
  6. If only it was that easy. Exercising in particular to me seems kind of a waste of time, but mainly because I don't have any energy, like wtf. I don't have energy even if I trained a whole week, i'll still feel the 8th day like i'm all fresh. So no idea how these people who got suddenly rid of all health problems go out on exercising.
  7. Forgive me then.
  8. I wasn't being mean, you asshole. I didn't say funny in a discriminatory way. But hey, you should've explained yourself more detailed if you didn't want us to make false judgements.
  9. Same, I find it really funny that this guy finds his hppd got worse with no reason. I mean, a whole month on weed and you knew weed could give you panic attacks? And then you really get one and your father fucks you up even further by giving you opiods? I'm sorry for you, but you were gambling with your health for good.
  10. Well, you don't need to believe it, just to know it is true. Luck is a concept that easily describes people's misfortune. It would be unnecessary long to really go into detail as saying 1 in 50,000 LSD users will get hppd, because that person is susceptible to it, since he has Gaba or NMDA receptor dysfunction or whatever, which landed him with hppd. People on this forum are really the extremely unlucky folks that took drugs. There isn't a statistic to really point how many people develop hppd, but from how rare doctors encounter it, you might assume that it is rare. I mean, only Dr. Abraham, one guy on the whole planet is studying this? And he is doing this since the 80s, now that's sad and unfortunate to any hppders out there.
  11. It does, as a concept. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people taking LSD and a bunch of NBOMe, and never get hppd, and there are people who get one little dose of LSD and acquire hppd.
  12. One important thing: Before November 7 2015, did you take anything, and I mean anything drug related? Not illicit, but prescription drugs? Very important. Something for a week or two before your symptoms got worse.
  13. Well, bacopa seems to be some sort of natural antidepressant, but in the end, natural or pharmacy produced, it has the same effect, only the natural taken herb can't be measured for its dosage. Anyway, bacopa might be more harmful than good to people with hppd and vs. There are people who got vs from ssri after taking them for several weeks. To me, i'd take bacopa if I feel like I can't go any longer, which i'm almost approaching that state, but right now it is gambling.
  14. Yeah, here's what a fellow from vs forum wrote: Source
  15. That would be great. But I actually might have lied about my vs not being from drugs. Yes, it might've not been from illicit drugs, but it probably started because i was years on Depakote for mild involuntary eye and nose twitching. I was 4 years on Depakote that my epileptologist put me on. The twitching went away and after a year and a half after i stopped Depakote, i was left with vs. It wasn't as tough as it is now, supposedly from pheno, with afterimages and trails, but it was with static, bfep, and floaters.