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  1. marce


    Thanks for all the help everyone, love this community, were all in this together!
  2. marce


    Thank you for your insight, im doing better now. I have since stopped taking zoloft, i was also experiencing sexual side affects and they have since ceased. No long term issues were caused by zoloft im doing well. Ill check out selfhacked sounds interesting!
  3. marce


    Recently was prescribed zoloft for anxiety, my visuals are much worse today and dissociation is high, anyone have any insight? thanks
  4. marce

    Anxiety Treatments

    Thanks for the info im still pretty new to everything, so I didnt know what works and what doesnt. Ill take it all into consideration while I attempt to make a decision. Thanks again!
  5. Hey everyone I’ve been reading topics about anxiety treatments but I’m still pretty confused, I want to go on anxiety medication but dont know what works or what makes it worse so could I get some insight? Thanks, marce
  6. marce

    acid + sleep?

    oh yes definitely i wouldnt try it cause well were all afflicted the same way and i wouldnt want to worsen it, i was just curious cause my friend asked me about it and i wanted to know. Thank you for the insight!
  7. marce

    acid + sleep?

    Anyone ever dropped acid and went to sleep? im curious about how it would affect dreams and whatnot if at all, thanks:)
  8. how is CBD treating you? given its a non psychoactive and ive been meaning to try it to help curb anxiety
  9. marce


    Really so music worsened it? I play music constantly on earbuds to not hear the ringing so should I stop? or was it only because of concert music not earbuds?
  10. marce


    Ive been trying, it gets pretty loud and its annoying, but thanks anyways
  11. marce


    Hey everyone, one of my symptoms is tinnitus-like ringing in my ears, ive heard that eardrops help with people who suffer from actual tinnitus but does anyone know if it will help with my symptom too? thanks, marce
  12. My symptoms are, I guess in relation to others' VS is mild. I've only had hppd since April, but regardless I experience dp/dr quite a bit, and I have a tinnitus like ringing in my ears that is pretty loud and can only really be drowned out with constant music. I also have a bit of a foggy mind as if I'm still high, and my reaction time has slowed down, as well as my eyes feeling like they roll very slowly in my head. Also I cant see shit at night, the VS makes me almost night blind. Best wishes to everyone here. -marce
  13. Im curious to know if alcohol worsens hppd and if that only applies to getting shitfaced or does it apply to light drinking too? Also i smoke cigarettes, does nicotine affect hppd in any way? Im fine with no more drugs but id be pretty sad if i couldnt drink or smoke cigs anymore. And one more thing, ive been sort of been hearing that hppd gets worse througout the years, is this true? how many people does it get worse for? the majority? im scared of it getting worse im 17 and dont want this to affect me any worse than it is already.. sorry for all the questions thanks for reading, -marce
  14. marce

    Any coping methods?

    thank you for the advice, i've started working out and going on runs, and i feel great but i noticed that my tinnitus like symptoms as well as my visual snow gets worse when im extremely exhausted from say running, is this a good thing? and i have also found that distractions help me ignore it more easily than not.
  15. marce

    Any coping methods?

    thanks guys ill remember that for the next time it gets too intense.

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