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  1. @justhere Hey, just like everyone else has been saying: hang in there and never give up on life. I know it sounds redundant or repetitive but if you keep repeating it to yourself you can trick your mind into believing it and give yourself the willpower. Side question: Could you elaborate on how clonazepam made symptoms worse? For me and quite a few others it does wonders with helping with visuals, anxiety, dpdr so I'm interested to hear on your experience with it.
  2. I basically got my doctor to prescribe lamotrigine through persistence mainly. I also brought in reputable medical reports and case studies of where lamotrigine was successful and so eventually he abided to prescribing me it.
  3. hmmm in my opinion, if it is your first time taking a medication approach... I would try for either Keppra or Lamotrigine. These meds have been most studied and trailed for the condition of hppd and based on what I've read on this forum have been the most successful.
  4. hmmm I've come across hearing something like that as well. I'm also curious on whether going to see a chiropractor might help... it has been something I have been looking into.
  5. I would try and stick with it for at least a month. A lot of people notice a worsening of symptoms before things improve. I know a lot of people who have visual snow and find this medication is helping them a lot to make their symptoms bearable. If you are still mentally struggling and even more so with it in a month, discontinue. But I'm no doctor. Here is a video of some guy whom verapamil has helped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSHUcxkPJoA
  6. Been feeling the same pretty lately. I'm pretty active these days on this site if you want to message and talk.
  7. I would give it some time. Your symptoms sound quite mild but this is just an inference based on what I read in your description. Let this be warning that maybe your body is susceptible to changes due to drugs. I would take it easy with recreational drugs in the future if you do choose to continue. If you wish to be safe and on the side of caution, refrain from using any type of recreational drug. And yes, unfortunately this does include alcohol. I highly recommend this. However, I know this can be a hard thing to do and impossible for some people who are in the habit of that lifestyle so if you do choose to continue with recreational drugs I would take it easy and space out the times in between intoxication. If you are uncertain if what you are experiencing is some kind of form of HPPD I would recommend to stay sober for a while, eat helathy and stay active. Try and find alternative healthy activities and hobbies other smoking weed, getting drunk and partying. Welcome to the community and I wish you all the best of luck in recovery. Keep us updated on how you are doing 🙂
  8. I heard the same thing as @palinoptical panopticon Does anyone have any updates on that?
  9. I've heard about people with visual snow being treated with this medication. From those sources it is said to be very helpful. Hope it works! 🙂
  10. Subscribed as well. If HPPD has given me anything good it is this massive amount of determination to conquer and rid of it.
  11. Interesting... I never heard of Inositol up until now, but looked it up. I guess its just a Vitamin B8 dietary supplement? Correct me if I'm wrong though. And yeah I guess everyone is affected differently by medications. I know that my body was VERY sensitive to the withdrawal affects from Zoloft. I swore I'd never go back on after. However, I might have to find a SSRI that works. I heard somewhere that Prozac may help with palinopsia which is my worst symptom to date.
  12. I experience the exact same when exercising . I even get nauseous quite easily and dizzy like I'm going to pass out from doing 1km runs and before HPPD i used to run 10 km pretty regularly as a casual run. Have you tried lifting weights or different types of stretching?
  13. Hi Everyone, I suffer from pretty debilitating OCD cocurrent with HPPD. I have been on many SSRIs and I am now on the tricyclic anti-depressant known as Clomipramine. All of these have had such horrible side effects, with acute worsening of my HPPD symptoms however have enormously helped with my OCD. I've kind of had to outweigh the positives with the negatives. I'm trying to come off of clomipramine with the help of a doctor but I fear being on no medication with cause a relapse in my OCD where I will have to be hospitalized. Does anyone experience OCD whether severe or mild who uses a medication that helps with both the OCD and HPPD without causing any worsening of the HPPD? Thanks for taking the time to read my post
  14. I was just curious so I thought I'd post an inquiry about this. Does anyone have experience with any medications which have helped with diminishing the starburst, halos, streaks of light? Especially those at night you see around streetlights and car lights. It's very bothersome and is actually getting worse for me. I currently take Clonazepam as a PRN which helps quite well for decreasing after-images but does nothing in terms of the bright lights. I am hoping to find something to help as it really makes it hard to walk, drive or do basically anything outside at night. A new symptom that has become very irritating is that of a glitter-like effect in the snow. When i walk at night during the winter this year, everywhere where there is snow (which is basically my entire field of vision) its like looking at shimmering glitter particles that reflect every single light into my vision like flashes of light. If anyone has any experience with helpful medication for this, any comments to this post would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂
  15. @Bursting Aura Apologies for the extreme delay in responding. Just under a year *yikes*. I have tried to stay off this page as reading into symptoms can definitely provoke my visual symptoms as well as the OCD I suffer which can make me obsess over them. I guess you could say this was the reasoning into what took me so long to answer you. In regards to how I am doing nowadays... In the beginning of 2018, I actually spent several months as an in-patient in a hospital to combat OCD that was so severe I could care less about the HPPD I suffered at the time. I was administered the tricyclic anti-depressant Clomipramine (Anafranil) which helped the OCD but did nothing for the HPPD (in fact, I think it aggravated symptoms as it works similarly as SSRIs). I also convinced a doctor (through bringing in medical reports) to prescribe me clonazepam as a PRN. It worked very well in diminishing after-images or at least relieving the anxiety I experienced with the after-image visual distortions. I read a post by @Jay1 where he described how he administered benzos three days a week or something like that at a low dose as to not acquire a tolerance to them. I went with that method which I found to be very helpful. I even went a month without clonazepam and did not experience withdrawal. I abstained from alcohol and weed for about a year but nothing seemed to drastically change with my HPPD. Things were quite good this year after spending time in a hospital treating my OCD... HPPD was there but it didn't bother me that much. I do not want to sound negative but unfortunately this month has been quite horrible in regards to HPPD. I have acquired new symptoms which have caused me to have anxiety, panick attacks, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. Hence, why I am back on this site. I remain hopeful however. I'm seeing quite a good doctor who I am doing CBT with and its really helping me learn that I can still persue what I want in life despite being tortured by this visual field nightmare of a disease. Still taking clomipramine every day and clonazepam as need be for meds. Anyways, enough about me -- what brought you across my post Bursting Aura? If you're still around; how are you doing with your symptoms?
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