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  1. Great post KB—figured Id give it a bump—I wish I had adhered to this much much earlier on...not that I’m following it now though I’ve had my “super healthy” periods To be honest I’ve had this condition for so long I wonder if adopting any of these suggestions would have any benefit. I suppose if Keppra, for example, can still help even some long-termers then a concentrated effort at maintaining a healthy lifestyle could at least have some effect. anyways good post
  2. I think with my significant increase in symptoms over the past 18 months I’ve just grown very tired. this last increase tho, as said, didn’t seem to happen from anything I ingested but simply going back to live with my folks and perhaps a cold. Since it wasn’t a drug or med I am hoping it will normalize as I continue to move on and just throw myself into whatever is coming next
  3. Thanks Jay I really didn’t think I was going to cope well at my cousins’ and I did much better than I thought even with the increase—I think my subconscious has influenced my symptoms a lot as of late and possibly the little cold I am just about through with. Otherwise I don’t have much of an explanation for why my symptoms would be worse all of the sudden as I did not take anything. Subconscious stress, anxiety and being out of my daily routine (and I’m way more isolated so I am not forced to be “normal” out in the world etc.) I would imagine is the culprit here. Right now distraction is all I can do until I make my next move and unfortunately the dp at its worst cuts me off significantly from former interests/nostalgia to where it’s hard to get into anything but “faking it” and doing it anyway has always helped even just a little so I’m back to it. hope your collarbone’s healing up thanks as always
  4. I don’t know but I don’t think so if you look up Survey’s post on here from 2012- I believe they had the condition for 15 years or so before trying Keppra and found it to be quite effective regardless
  5. It’s hard, for me, to believe; but I guess pretty unsurprising, that a different environment, some added stress and anxiety and a little common cold could so profoundly increase symptoms. Usually there is a clear chemical trigger (like recently clonazepam) but not in this case (tho I understand all of these factors do influence brain chemistry) . I know many of you have had similar reactions and intellectually it makes sense but it’s still pretty debilitating at the moment. A few weeks ago I had an increase in symptoms from Klonopin that’s persisted. I ended up taking a whole week off of work and was very close to checking myself in to a mental hospital. For whatever reason I decided to forge ahead with my original plans to move in for a couple weeks with cousins (until heading out of the state to stay with my parents )and try to go to work. In doing so I began to feel some relief...as I think Jay has suggested maybe acting “normal”(essentially I was forced to) made me feel more normal regardless of what objectively was going on in my brain. There was simply a positive change in my experience. Fast forward to now: I arrived last week to my parents house (they are more uptight than my cousins) in a pretty isolated environment. I’m on the tail end of getting over a minor cold and allegedly I’ll be moving to a new city likely within a month or two. Almost like a switch upon arriving my dp has increased quite significantly...I suppose all these factors, subconscious etc. have really influenced the condition and I am hoping I will see a change when I get into a new more comfortable area with a routine again. Hope your all keeping on thanks
  6. I know some of you have these or variations but I still figured I’d post: Sometimes my thinking “inner” voice will start going about on its own-for example: I’ll think a word and that word may spark a chorus to a song to play in my head for a bit. The voice will also turn into gibberish usually upon going to sleep. Related to above: subvocalizing can be bizarre I cannot hold an image still in my head Images from the past and and flashes of dreams I’ve had will start popping up from time to time Pareidolia, I used to only get it upon waking up in the morning. Now I can see faces in damn near anything. Possibly related to above: objects, “stuff”, seem to be sentient or alive in some way. This one is hard to explain but if I look at a chair it feels almost like I’m looking at person.
  7. I mean stress or anxiety is always possible but it happened just as I took my dose and it’s been going on 6 days now. perhaps because clonazepam, I believe, has direct action on the serotonin system (which I thought could’ve been a good thing but for me perhaps any interaction there is not) otherwise I don’t know. My symptoms have definitely increased.
  8. I appreciate your response and kindness...Unfortunately I’ve had terrible responses to most medications including ssri’s. I have not tried everything and if this does not ease up I will have to but I am naturally wary.
  9. Hi, So I don’t get it. I’ve been dealing on and off with various spikes for the past 18 months and the only medication that has given me any relief was clonazapem (as recently as a week ago). That’s changed now. I’ve been taking it on and off for quite a while (2mg in the morning) basically as needed...last week I took it and felt fine-about a day later I took it again and immediately felt something was off-my dp symptoms drastically increased. I am at a loss as I never thought this medication could hurt me even though so many others have. I am about five days into what I hope is just a nasty flare up but I’m not sure I can take much more of this to be honest. If this doesn’t go I will have try meds/supplements I haven’t tried because my life has almost become unmanageable at this point. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’m losing ground quite quickly
  10. Pretty horrible to be honest. The worse disassociation I’ve ever had. I cannot even conceptually understand the world and my cognition is shot. I don’t understand.....
  11. It’s the disassociation and anxiety, for me at least, that’s the major issue
  12. Well shit, I’m happy for you but I recently tried it myself based on suggestions from this forum and it has seemed to dramatically worsen my dp and vision. This does not make much sense as it’s supposed to downregulate the 5HT2A (I got a major spike from an SSRI in August). I only took a small dose 20 mcg and here I am. My only guess is it’s the raise in dopamine that made me worse. Sinemet made me feel funny, gave me bad coordination-Modafinil furthered my ssri spike back in March (another dopamine raising drug and stimulant) I may be a unique case-perhaps I have too much dopamine. I’m happy for you but I almost at the end of my rope to be honest. Not looking to discourage others from trying it but what happened to me ?
  13. Ah happy I caught this as I had added it my list of potential meds. Thank you and happy you are feeling better. yeah when my spike first hit I tried lamotrigine but only for a month and only got to about 100 mg. Not enough for most but looks like getting so benefit all ready so that’s very good! ive been in an even rougher patch over the past few days possibly due to overzealous booze consumption so I’ll be off that for a while to see if things settle down.
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