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  1. Hi Jay. Many thanks for your additiinal pointers how do I PM you? Can't seem to be able to do it
  2. Hi. I am so very sorry to hear that some of you are not getting support from your families. This must be so very hard to deal with. if there were any way I could help I would. If any mothers/fathers/siblings/friends would like to make contact with me I would do my best to help them see how important it is to support and try to understand. Trying to understand is, of course, the challenge when you want to protect your child (of whatever age) from getting into this situation in the first place Hindsight is so irritating and frustrating i think your comments Jay on 'not spending too much time reading negative stories' and your new section on 'success stories' is a great idea i am doing the best I can as a mother and often make errors by not recognising the signs that I need to stop looking/talking/doing something that is prompting an episode. But I think I am learning as I go along i am very fortunate to have a son who is open with me and who is helping me to do the right thing it is so very hard to see what has happened - just from one hit - and I want to shout from the rooftops to warn others of the real dangers. why is this condition not more talked about and known about? again I applaud what you are offering by having this support group
  3. Is there an area in these postings for friends and family - where we can get tips and hints on the best way to support a family member who has this? Thank you and well done on providing this site.
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