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  1. Rossss

    Please someone help..

    Do you still have anxiety every day?
  2. Rossss

    Has anyone recovered?

    it was quite large, id say 2 years. I actually suspect that all of this has more to do with protracted benzo withdrawal. I really appreciate your response. I have had no visuals what so ever. Heck it could even be a combination of traumatic trips, various other drugs in the past (not heavy or often at all) as well as coming off the benzos. I don't think we realise at all how the mind / nervous system can be damaged by our young fun days I guess.
  3. Rossss

    Heart and blood pressure

    Hi Chris, Did your HPPD ever go away?
  4. Rossss

    Please someone help..

    Did anyone hear from Chris again? Did he recover? Kind regards, Ross
  5. Rossss

    just looking for some oppinions.

    Kellen did yours eventually go away completely?
  6. Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has recovered from Hppd. I am not sure I have it but I go through waves (every 8 months roughly) where I start getting extreme anxiety, head pressure and severe derealization or brain fog to the extent that I stay at home. This could be related to something else but I have had two bad shroom experiences (4 grams the one time and 3 the other). What I am wondering is if that might have triggered this? Are these high enough doses, it sure felt terrible, and I regret it. the head pressure and detachment / derealiztion is unbearable. I have no visual symptoms like trails or lights etc, at all. I actually felt perfect for the last 9 months, better than ever, no anxiety nothing. also bear in mind that I had no ill effects right after the bad trips, only months later. Is this typical of Hppd? I have also come off of benzodiazepines (11 months ago) and I attribute a lot of how I feel to that, but I would like to know if it could be from the shroom and if it could possibly heal over time. Also for those who have had such symptoms and it does happen to be hppd, is there any hope of recovery. I don't mean just living with it but I mean it going away. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Id love to hear from a few different people to hear how they progressed. Again, I havent lived with derealiztion every single day for the last 11 months, I have essentially had two 4 week bouts of it in the last year. Other than that I have had pretty much full clarity for the last 10 months up to now.I hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance, and I hope you are all well and recovering.
  7. Rossss

    HPPD since 2008.

    Hi Originally, did your head fog ever go away?

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