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  1. Kilgore_Trout

    DPDR question

    Yes completely. I know my DP/DR was entirely anxiety induced, and throughout my recovery I have gone through cycles where I feel intense dp/dr for a week, followed by a week of high anxiety and panic attacks, which then seems to receed into a state of dp/dr. My conclusion is that the anxiety is ever-present, but, as you stated above, you feel more disconnected from it when you are experiencing full blown depersonalization symptoms. Makes sense, considering dp/dr is a self protection mechanism; essentially your brain protecting you from your own anxiety.
  2. Kilgore_Trout

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    @Cjb007 It's hard to say if it has 100%, but it has cleared to the point where it doesn't interfere with my life/ ability to feel happiness. And I believe it will heal completely, as I have read countless stories online and even met one person IRL who experienced DP/DR after taking a hallucinogen and recovered 100%. I remember days where the difference between being awake and dreaming were almost nonexistent. When you think about it, it makes complete sense that someone living in that state would feel burdened by "matrix-like" thoughts. I think the two biggest factors for me were time and sobriety. On top of that, routine was big. Putting things in place like a work schedule, knowing when I am going to bed, excerice, etc. helps the body and mind feel more comfortable. Also, when you are talking to others, try and really connect with them. I know this is extremely hard with dp, and it certainly isn't a quick fix, but it's something that I committed to doing early on and I think it helped fix the looping thought patterns. Instead of thinking is that person real/ why do they look like an alien, think, what is this person thinking about/ how is theit day going/ what can I do for them? If if you have any other questions feel free to PM me. Also here are some links to positive recovery stories. http://www.dpselfhelp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/26858-my-recovery-from-substance-induced-anxiety-disorder/ http://www.dpselfhelp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/66162-finally-ive-fully-recovered-6-months-drug-induced/
  3. Kilgore_Trout

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    @Cjb007 Those aren't delusions, don't worry. Worrying about things like living in the matrix is a product of the anxiety/ existential obsession that comes with dp/dr. I had a lot of similar worries in my first few months, and they really scared the shit out of me. However, as my dp/dr has faded, so have the thoughts. You aren't going schizo, it's just a symptom of your anxiety.
  4. Kilgore_Trout

    Curious About Symtoms

    Hello all, I am a newly registered member, though I have been lurking around this sight off and on for the past month or so. My brand of HPPD began two months after a psychedelic binge in early January (supposedly lsd, but who knows/ who cares) directly following a traumatic experience with an edible in March. It's tough to know exactly when things started, but I can say the symptoms began interfering with my life as soon as the panic attacks started in a week after the edible incident. So far the DP/DR, dreamlike state, hypervigilance, and anxiety have been my most apparent and intrusive symptoms, and thankfully, they have receeded tremendously. That's not to say there were not some truly hopeless days, and I still deal with waves of panic often. As as far as the visual side of things go, I have not seen much improvement, though it does seem to be a difficult thing to judge objectively, especially since I have only been dealing with this for five months. My only real visual symptoms are positive afterimages and streaking lights, (no VS, no warping/ moving objects, thankfully) and these really only bother me during the night. During the day I only notice them in high contrast settings, like a brief streak trailing behind a clock in a poorly lit room, or light from windows burnt into my eyes for maybe a second. At night they can be very frustrating. I work as a pizza delivery driver, and the tail lights, street lights, headlights, etc all seem to stick in my vision for a second or two, which can be very disorienting and frustrating. I realize that visually many of you have it worse than me, and that I am still fairly young in "hppd years." That said, I was just curious about your visual symptoms? Particularly with afterimages: How long do the images linger? Do you seem them in all settings? Have any of you had no reduction and still been able to filter them out of your lives? Are they worse at night? Can you drive at night? Have any of you noticed a true, objective decrease in intensity? Has anyone actually completely gotten rid of them? I know that's a lot of questions, but I really just wanted to start a conversation about palinopsia, and how we all experience it. -Brian

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