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  1. Hi everyone. I used to lurk on another Hppd forum years back (forgot the name). I've had visual snow as early as I can remember. I believe what turned it from VS to full-blown HPPD was eating too much ecstasy which I know people say cannot happen but it did. The last time I took any psychedelics, tryptamines, etc. Was at age 16. I'm now 25 (9 years later) and nothing has improved. I still see static from the second I wake up till the second I go to sleep as well as BFEP, dp/dr, tunnel vision, basically the works. I've tried every medication under the sun to no avail. I've spend past 7 years in and out of hospitals, rehabs, therapists, halfway houses, etc. I have to leave right now but I'll finish this tirade when I return. Thanks for reading.