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  1. Ginobli

    HPPD since 2008.

    Thanks. Yeah. It's a tough battle. I don't know what to do with myself.
  2. Ginobli

    HPPD since 2008.

    I have HPPD since 2008 and I was 18 then. I was abusing the drug DXM daily at very high dosages. My life went to shambles, and still is, more or less. I can't seem to stop abusing a drug. The thing with my HPPD is that is visual snow and it makes me feel really unreal sometimes, which leads to bad decision making. I was just wondering if their was a way that I could get my concentration back. I was a straight A honor's student. I feel handicapped. I just need some advice and possibly some support. I can't make commitments and I feel too stupid these days to elaborate. Thank God for some type of community though.

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