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  1. Do you think I'm gonna be stuck with this condition long term? I know there are no concrete answers but do you think I will recover?
  2. As of 3 days ago I've been running each day. I've also been meditating. These things seem to help my anxiety and maybe even the visuals short term. Do you think ambien could exasperate my symptoms?
  3. Good to hear. I know it's hard to say but how much worse could it get for someone in my situation? Any advice on how to get better sleep? I've been taking meletonin here and there but it doesn't really seem to do much. Do you think nicotine will be detrimental to this condition?
  4. Hi all. This is my first post because I am concerned with changes in my vision over the last few weeks. A little over a month ago, I took a single tab of what I believe was lsd. Small, tasteless tab, I held it in my mouth for about half an hour. I tripped for about 8 hours. Smoked weed a few times throughout. I had pretty intense visuals at the peaks of my trip. Overall a nice trip, with a couple moments where I did experience fear. I came down and felt normal after comedown. I was smoking daily, and continued to until a week after the trip, I took a dab and was thrust back in to the acid headspace. I had mild visuals, fractal patterns and some changing colors. Not too intense, but since then I have felt strong anxiety, and in the pst week I have noticed changes in my vision, leading me to worry about hppd. The days following the weed induced flashback I felt very depersonalized, very anxious and it seemed to be less each day. But in the past week I have started to notice changes in my vision. Starting with intense after images, I first noticed watching tv I would get an after image of my tv that lasted longer than I had ever remembered. At work I looked at the parked cars on a sunny day and I closed my eyes, the after image of the white cars and parking lines I could see in vivid detail for about 5 or ten seconds, later I noticed halos around lights, starting with the lights in my house, and then street lights and head lights. I get rather mild tracers off of lights at night, they last a few seconds. During the day they last maybe a half a second. I haven't been sleeping well. When I go to bed I have intense phosphane images and occasionally fractal patterns. Flashes of light. Since the weed induced trip I have been clean from all drugs accept an e cig, I stopped drinking coffee, I'm worried that my symptoms are getting worse. Should I be worried? This was my first and only acid trip, I don't have much to compare it to but it was very intense. Am I developing hppd? I'm not sleeping well because of all this, I am dreaming vividly, likely because of the removal of weed. When I sleep I only dream. I wake up multiple times per night in between dreams. I've had sleep pralisis and acid trip dreams. I'm worried that this is gonna effect my life.