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  1. Thank you everyone for your inputs. Why is it that weed messes with HPPD so significantly? I mean its a light drug compared to potential brain damage from cocaine, MDMA or Ketamine.. So my visuals aren't a result of 5ht2a sensitization? I've talked to Dr. David Nichols about this topic and he has speculated that my visuals are possibly from 5ht2a supersensitivty. What's causing these visuals right now? The loss of 5ht2a neurons when the drug was taken in the acute stage? Nichols has speculated that this sensitization occurs through intracellular signaling cascades.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me man. I do use weed everyday but at this point I feel as if I need it as a mood booster.. What do you think about my glutamate acceleration theory? If my receptors were sensitized and are still are then won’t my brain be possibly expressing progressive damage from the excess glutamate intake? it just seems like all of this adds up.. my friend who did the 25i with me recently developed seizures and I wonder if it has to do with this excitoxicity theory. He said he felt a lot better after being on Keppra
  3. “Anxiety, derealization/depersonalization, afterimages, brain fog and visual static are the most common HPPD symptoms. After several months you may develop tinnitus, muscle spasms, loss of night vision, chest tightness, auras etc Yes, 25i is culpable for causing HPPD in multiple friends of mine“ How can I get over HPPD when I read comments like this that indicate that this condition might be getting worse and worse overtime.. has anyone done 25i, gotten HPPD and recovered? This guy is making it seem like this is a neurodegenerative condition that gets worse over time.. like chest tightness would be an awful symptom to have for a long time. It’s been 4 years since I’ve done NBOMe and I still see this visuals. Like visual trails when I wave my phone in a dark room with the brightness up, slight after images, smoky night vision with colorful dots. Is my brain just messed up permanently and going to keep on getting worse with time? Please reassure me that I’ll recover from this... this could be by telling me that these visuals are normal in people who haven’t even touched drugs. Or recovery stories from 25i induced HPPD. Please just give me anything positive about your recovery. Is this a mind over matter situation or has there been too much damage done? I feel like this is all a result of 5ht2a induced excitoxicity since this receptor acts as a glutamate accelerator. Dr. David Nichols has even speculated that this disorder is possibly a result of 5ht2a sensitization. Also, if you go on the Wikipedia for palinopsia, you see 5ht2a excitoxicity as a major cause. Also if my receptors are sensitized, wouldn't that mean that they are going to be constantly pumping glutamate into my cells, leading to excitoxicity since 5ht2a receptors act as an accelerator for glutamate transmission? Am I overreacting here or do I need to go on lamotrogine ASAP to counteract this excess glutamate release via calcium intake into cells.
  4. What's going on guys. I have an appointment with my psychaitrist tomorrow finally. I'm excited to bring up the option of adding a new medication. Has anyone on this forum had any experience/success with Keppra/Lamotrogine? I know there's a study out there that showed how the EEG of 23/27 patients normalized 90 days after starting Keppra. Would love any input you guys have
  5. The fact that some people are talking about they can't handle this disorder anymore and it is out of their control. People are talking about how their anxiety has been limiting their life and they can't drive etc. This stuff is going to be ingrained into my subconscious mind and slowly will become my reality. If you perceive something in one manner for a prolonged period of time then that's going to become your reality. Honestly, the best advice would be to stay away from these forums and reading up on anything HPPD related. It's as if you have a really awful itch and you keep on itching and itching, giving you temporary relief which ultimately results in the itch becoming worse. We have to distance ourselves from depression and anxiety. We can not let this disorder dominate our lives. We only have one life.
  6. I feel like the symptoms of anxiety,depression,derealization and depersonalization are a matter of us dealing with our condition and how we respond to it and the emotions we attach to it. Honestly, I feel like the best way to get better from HPPD is to accept the fact that yes you may have visuals but this is NOT the end of the world. You have to do things like meditation, wim hof breathing, weight lift, exercise. If you continue to believe that you're going to have anxiety and depression for the rest of your life due to a past decision, you have to ABSOLUTELY get over this destructive thought pattern. Guys, the mind is an extremely powerful thing. We can either use it as a tool for our own advantage or as a means of self destruction. STOP the negative thought patterns, eliminate the cortisol rush's from anxiety and take control of your life! Never feel sorry for yourself and never ever go into the bitter regretful mindset. This will just absolutely lead you down a dark path. Cheers, hope everyone gets better.
  7. Thanks for your input again MadDoc. Are most HPPDers depressed and anxious due to some brain chemistry alteration that causes the HPPD in the first place? Or is it how we react to our condition and the visuals. If it's the latter, I'd feel a lot more reassured and in control of my anxiety/depression
  8. Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. So people are talking about the associated mental symptoms of depression and anxiety. Is this a result of how we react to our visual disturbances or is it a direct result of HPPD itself causing depression and anxiety that is uncontrollable as long as you have it? The visuals don't bother me at all. I just keep getting reminded of the associated mental symptoms of anxiety and depression and stuff everytime I look at a dark wall and notice visual snow and warping. The one thing I want is just peace and happiness. Is this possible with HPPD still?
  9. Ever since coming on this website and realizing that HPPD is pretty much a life sentence of anxiety and depression I've become so discouraged about my future and life in general. The cortisol is going to absolutely destroy my intelligence and appearance. How can I manage this stress? Does meditation help you guys with this? Why do we have anxiety,depression and derealization? How can I muster up enough courage to embrace the possibility of a successful future. Why do we get anxious and depressed as a result of HPPD? The visuals themselves don't bother me at all, it's just the associated mental symptoms with it... PLEASE HELP
  10. This is reassuring. I've been feeling really anxious and down lately and was worried that it's out of my control and I'm going to permanently be like this because of HPPD. My visuals are so minor that they don't bother me.
  11. I just don't think it's a wise thing to think you have depression and anxiety out of control. It'll just lead you to a helpless and hopeless state. So do you think the anxiety and depression is a direct result of the disorder itself and not how we react to the visuals? I could care less about the static/visuals. It's just this hopeless feeling that I'm going to be permanently anxious and depressed due to some alteration in my brain chemistry
  12. I think the anxiety and depression is self created. I really really hope it isn't out of our control
  13. Can you feel euphoria? How are your anxiety symptoms. Sometime I wonder if my anxiety and depression are out of my control due to some brain alteration.
  14. Are the symptoms of anxiety, depression, derealization and depersonalization a result of the way we react to our mental condition and visual disturbances? Or are these symptoms a DIRECT result of HPPD itself and out of our control. I can totally deal with these mild visuals for the rest of my life but I don't want to be permanently anxious or depressed. What do you guys think? Are people with HPPD here still looking healthy? I've lost my orange glow to the stress from this disorder. I'm becoming paler and more anxious. Are people able to manage their anxiety successfully here and find joy in everyday life?
  15. Will do, thanks bro. How do you deal with the other symptoms such as anxiety, depression and derealization? I feel like if I do develop HPPD, this is the part thtat will bother me the most. Is having this a life sentence of anxiety,derealization and depression for the most part? Or are these mental illnesses as a result of how we react to the visuals. Like for example, we see the visuals and we get really anxious because we think we messed up our brains. Is this the case or is the anxiety and depression out of our control? Would love any input on this
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