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  1. I got an MRI three weeks ago, it showed nothing. Got electro-phys test done last week and waiting on the results. Should have them next month.
  2. Try to quit the smoking, if you can. I stopped and my visual symptoms improved 24 hours later. It's good to hear that you are improving. It's a ray of light through the cracks.
  3. My HPPD was bad-trip induced; the trip was not on acid, however. I did two cones of weed, within a relatively short period of time. I then inhaled some popper and realised I had gotten the effects of Poppers Maculopathy (a yellow spot in my central vision). Well, that was exactly the kind of thing to throw me into a bad time. I was so high and worried that I passed out. When I awoke, I could still see the yellow spot. This almost broke me down - I had had visual problems in the past, and had just gotten over them. For new ones to arise was just a nightmare to me. A week later, my HPPD symptoms started slowly appearing. I didn't know whether they were real or not, as they developed slowly. I continued smoking weed regularly, and did a lot the next weekend. The symptoms were getting worse until I did some research and realised what I was experiencing. I now have palinopsia pretty bad. I can also see visual snow, and have some DR. It's been at least three months since this all happened. I'm not sure why the symptoms developed, and developed at the time and rate they did. One reason could be due to my intense bad experience, coupled with the increased sensitivity to my vision - I was checking for that yellow spot over and over again, hoping that it was just a bad dream. I have also done LSD a few times in the past. Also, I realise now that I had been experiencing DP/DR for years due to my existing anxiety (which I had pretty bad, and still have to some degree). Not sure if any of this helps. Writing and talking about this stuff helps to some degree, but in other ways it can be unhelpful. I think that if you are experiencing HPPD, the more it affects your day the more you suffer. And so talking about it too often can make it affect your day more, and therefore make you suffer more. So yeah... unsure if this is helpful or not.
  4. I got HPPD a week after smoking way too much weed of some kind. I have a bad feeling the weed I was given may have been covered in pesticides or some shit which caused it. I have taken LSD on a few occasions previously , but it had been at least a month before, so not sure. At this point, I've had HPPD for almost three months now. Visual snow and afterimages with a small helping of derealization.
  5. I'm unfortunately only new to this entire experience, having been experiencing after-images for about three months now. Prior to this, I'd been depressed over other vision problems cause by laser eye surgery (don't ever get it done by the way - the risks are not worth it). For me, as I had been trying to sort out my life after the laser, I had already developed some support mechanisms for my problematic vision. It was just a stroke of misfortune that brought me more visual problems - the snakes in life are always around, no matter how many you kill. Luckily, the support mechanisms I had been developing for my problematic eyesight already existed. Some of these have been helpful in dealing with my new HPPD-related vision problems: Psychotherapy. My psychologist is great - she has a great understanding of the theory in her field and applies it magnificently. She is also very smart and understanding, often putting pieces together that I would never have been able to arrange. Psychiatry. I'm not sure if this has helped or not, but I've been on Lexapro for six months. I'm wondering whether this could have contributed to the development of my HPPD, but for now my medications are at least available to help lighten the load of negative emotion. Mindfulness Meditation. I was told by another psychiatrist to start looking into this, and it's been one of the most important changes I've made in my life. It has helped reduce my anxiety - even more than CBT did. I would recommend that you give this a try using the Headspace app to encourage daily practice and for an accessible introduction to the practice. Journaling. I've recently begun doing this and have enjoyed it immensely. Journaling has been around for centuries, and it's no wonder - it helps you articulate and better understand your thoughts and feelings. Give it a try - buy yourself a nice book to write in, and set aside 10-15 mins each night to just write about your day. Don't hold back, and don't write for anybody other than yourself. There is no right and wrong, just write without editing. It's a very liberating feeling. These are some of my strategies so far. I hope they can be of some use to anyone else here. Facing the struggles of life doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of them, it means getting stronger so that you can tolerate them. Remember that each day you make it through is another victory for you to be proud of.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your encouragement and recognise the unknown nature of my situation. I forgot to mention that I have taken LSD on several occasions in the past - although, the last time I had taken it was weeks before the appearance of my symptoms. I was also doing Poppers on the night I smoked the weed, which caused me Poppers maculopathy for a few months as well. I'm only just recovering from this now. I guess the strange thing is that my symptoms only slowly appeared - not immediately after my drug consumption. I'm not sure if this is typical or not. As for the afterimages, I believe they may similar to yours Jay1. Any bright light from a headlight or reflection will burn an image into my retina that lasts for some time - maybe not 30 seconds but at least 10. When looking at things I can see the lines and shadows of what was in my vision before. These can last for half a minute. I can see them now as I type. How long have you had your symptoms, and how did they arise? Thanks again for your encouraging words. They do help counter my pessimistic outlook.
  7. Hello all I'm here because I'm struggling right now to get through each day. I'm not quite sure if what I'm experiencing is HPPD - but I seem to have some of the symptoms people describe. Visual snow, noticing floaters, and insane after-images. They last over a second. Even glancing at bright lights leave streaks in my vision. I think some weed I smoked was laced with something - a week later, my vision started playing up and this was occurring. It's been three months, and it hasn't gotten any better. I'm meditating and trying to stay healthy. I smoke though, and drink coffee every day. I don't know why I joined this forum - it seems this is likely something I will never recover from (just skimming the posts). I guess I just want to chat. I'm not sure if I can tolerate this life for the rest of it. Sorry to bring the mood so down; it's just how I feel right now. Cheers
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