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    Hey everyone, ever since my fateful experience with LSD almost 4 months ago, I feel like I'm in a constant state of tiredness and fatigue (even when I get enough sleep at night). I also look really tired all the time and have super vivid dreams every night. Does anyone know if this eventually goes away?
  2. Hey everyone. Ever since I got my mild "HPPD," I've been experiencing mild/moderate starbursts and halos off of streetlights, headlights, and reflections of the sun. I do believe I am more sensitive to sunlight (slowly decreasing), and I do believe I sort of see colors a bit brighter now. Lastly, I do notice very slight ghosting off of bright images. Anyone have similar symptoms? Do these go away? Or has anyone heard of these symptoms slowly dissipating?
  3. raiahm1

    Maybe hppd....

    Sounds a bit like me man, in terms of symptoms. Everyday is going to be a battle until your symptoms slowly start to fizzle away with time (hopefully, they will). The best thing to do is to continue to stay sober for as long as possible, work out, have a healthy lifestyle, and keep your mind off of things by hanging out with friends, working, or reading etc. That's what I've been doing, and my symptoms have greatly improved since. It's been 3.5 months since my sorta shitty acid trip, and I'm like 75% feeling normal again. Hopefully that changes to 100% in the next 3-4 months.
  4. I highly doubt it, as schizophrenia and dementia are genetic predispositions. HPPD is drug induced. However, there have been multiple cases of drug abusers (specifically celebrities) who have developed schizophrenia through the repeated use of substances like LSD.
  5. raiahm1

    Is this HPPD? Any Advice?

    Now that your symptoms have pretty much subsided, have you been able to start smoking again or drinking? Have you been able to feel like you're living your life normally, prior to getting HPPD? Thank you so much for the advice, I think I will start meditating to relieve stress
  6. raiahm1

    Is this HPPD? Any Advice?

    Thanks for your response! Can you tell me a little about your symptoms? Did the symptoms go away or have they just become less noticeable?
  7. raiahm1

    Is this HPPD? Any Advice?

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure what I'm experiencing, but it seems like it could possibly be a mild case of HPPD. It all started over 3 months ago when I tripped on acid for the first time. I took a tab (about 100 micrograms) with three of my other friends, and we all started to have great trips. I would say the trip lasted roughly 8 hours. It was pretty fun -- I experienced the normal euphoria and slight to moderate visuals. However, once our trips ended, we all decided to smoke bit of weed. That was where I knew we had fucked up. Our trips instantaneously came back, and this time, the trip felt way crazier than it had before. I tried to play it off cooly, but anxiety, fear, and panic started to overcome me. At one point, I thought I couldn't breathe anymore. However, I did my best to stay calm and not let my fear get the best of me. Finally, after about 4-5 hours, I started coming down and feeling much better. I was able to go to sleep that night. The next day when I woke up, I had an absolutely severe migraine on the right side of my head. It lasted about 9 days. Ever since then, I've still been experiencing some lightheadedness and discomfort in my head, but that has slowly been going away and is pretty much gone by now. Next, I had been experiencing severe visual distortion in my right eye (probably due to the migraine), and 3 months later, I would say that the visual distortion is about 80% gone. It had seemed like my right eye was looking through a fishbowl at the time. The first couple of months were honestly hell. I fell into severe depression and had bad anxiety. I suffered from dp/dr for a while as well. I was suicidal almost everyday during this period. I went to an ophthalmologist, physician, and neurologist during this time; all said to wait out my symptoms to see if they improve before trying medications. Here are my current symptoms: 1. Increased sensitivity to light (I've started wearing sunglasses everyday that I go outside now) 2. Slight halos and starbursts (especially from streetlights, headlights, and reflections of the sun) during the day and night which make it difficult to see sometimes 3. Slight breathing in patterns and walls (have gotten much better than they were 3 months ago) 4. Words/objects moving when I'm looking at them (have gotten better in the last 3 months, but it's still distracting) 5. Visual distortion in my right eye (it seems to be improving everyday, so hopefully it continues to improve) 6. Somewhat blurry vision in my right eye 7. I started having very vivid dreams ever since the acid trip 8. The occasional bouts of depression/anxiety due to my symptoms My family and friends (especially my girlfriend) have been super supportive of me during my recovery. I have been sober since the acid trip (though I did get drunk a few weeks ago), I have been eating healthy, I have been exercising 3-4 days a week, and I have been staying focused on my summer classes and on relaxing with my friends and family. Prior to the acid trip, I would smoke weed every few days. I am also 18 and just completed my first year of university. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms? Has anyone been able to recover from them? Any tips, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of this, and I want it to go. Thank you all so much!

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