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  1. Hello, everyone, my syndrome began in 2012 and continues until today after the first time in my life I used a quarter trip that had a bitter taste so I'm not sure if there was a LSD but as a result of the use I developed HPPD over the years I have not used any drug except alcohol on weekends I never felt I did not have any serious symptoms or something. I just got used to it and it became part of me without any disturbance, but unfortunately I made a terrible mistake Two months ago I took some cannabis yachts and ruined a 5-year recovery. The symptoms worsened and woke this damned syndrome to To try to restore the situation to normal, I tried psychotherapy from a psychologist Yater who specializes in this name: Arturo Lerner He gave me pills called clonidine and Lamictal during the two months I took them they improved the phenomena but under the bullets I would feel tired and disconnected from reality and disturbing thoughts that caused me to anxiety After two months of use I decided to stop them because of the damage they do and now I feel more Good and prefer to take care of it only in the natural way and let time go through and do its own, do you have recommendations to treat it in a natural way like vitamins and such? And if there are people here who have recovered from this and can advise me I'd love to hear I'm thinking all day thinking about it I'm sick of it I'm already willing to do everything to be healthy ... Thank you very much in advance I realized that passive smoking also makes it worse

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