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  1. Anyone excited for Dragon ball fighterz? If not Anyone play dokkan battle? If you do drop your user id and I'll add you. Feel free to discuss any other games anime etc, want to get a thread going!
  2. Have you made something of yourself or did you succumb to this God awful disorder?
  3. Same friend, I have trouble retaining information while I'm reading, I can read it, if I'm not paying attention I won't know what I read. I have to really close read to get a full understanding of what I read.
  4. Hey all, 6 months ago I came to the forum in need of guidance and reassurance that my life wasn't over, it happened in the summer. Now I'm recovering very well, I see floaters, imprints, small dp, halos, cevs are gone and night visuals are gone by like 50%. Everything I was dealing with 6 months ago are slowly going away. Only thing that was never really relevant in my life before hppd was anxiety. I get anxiety over small things, trivial things. Life has been okay, just a big routine of wake up, school, home and games, go to sleep and repeat. Went on a date with a girl and Friday and it was super refreshing, was genuinely happy the entire time on the date, the feeling I was yearning for. Thank you all for reading. Much love, Originally
  5. i don't want to give you medical advice because i'm just a 16 year old who knows nothing about anything, so consult with a doctor?
  6. try an indica strain with low thc content to start, you don't want to be put into a full blown trip while smoking, you just want to not have spasms right?
  7. in general people mainly see visuals when they smoke with hppd, i myself felt like the visuals i had was stronger than any dose of acid i have taken, i was smoking O.G kush so. did the cbd strain did anything for you or na?
  8. @Jay1 i feel like it's more than scanning your visual field, i feel like a pathway in the brain was opened, the brain is no longer filtering out the floaters. because before hppd i didn't get any floaters, zip, nada. after i wouldn't be scanning my field at all and they're just there. i'm past the point of freaking out about hppd, i don't scan my field anymore, everything is just there always.
  9. jeez, i don't know cole. have you tried a purely cbd strain?
  10. My dude, you're gonna be fine. Give yourself some time and try not to think about it. For me I thought the same way, how am I gonna perform in school, an I gonna be able to live a happy life, I contemplated it all. I've been getting better and so can you, give yourself some time man
  11. hey, i'm in possession of hydromorphone and oxycodone, i was wondering what would be the after effect, friend is over this weekend, he downed 2 perqs and i haven't at all yet, wanted advice before i decide to
  12. Must be nice to have someone knowledgeable on hppd, it's rare. I hope you recover full and well my dude.
  13. i have a lot of the same symptoms you do, it sucks. i get the blue dots that vanish, i get the static that forms into shapes at night, i get the words in my head when i try to sleep, i get bad starbursts, i get the numb feeling in my hands all the time. light sensitivity and after images. i have everything, just not too bad, so it's manageable. i've been managing in my junior year pretty fine so far, i don't notice it too much in school, at night and at home is when i notice it the most
  14. You're gonna end up fucked dude, god speed to you
  15. Hey I've been reading a bit on Reddit about people taking lions mane, fasting and exercising. And it gets rid of your hppd, sounds like an interesting thing to try. I shouldn't say get rid of but helping and some making it go away. Need advice/ guidance
  16. First stop all psychedelic use, next see your results. Go from there
  17. Well, no easy way to say this. I think I have hppd. I took extremely small doses of acid in my sophmore year in high school. One 50ug and one 100ug. That's it. Prior to trying lsd I've had experiences with dxm, and weed. I only did both of these substances every now and again. The visuals of today might have started a week ago, I felt no anxiety just was kinda trippy to still see stuff. Symptoms below* -trails -slight flashing in my peripheral -negative and positive in prints -Halos -Closed eye shape-ish movement when I try to sleep -I sometimes right when I'm about to fall asleep I imagine noises. Last night I smoked some weed, after 15 min I had extreme anxiety. Felt as if I was having a panic attack, the visuals were too strong for me. I closed my eyes (still tripping) then I fell asleep. I woke up feeling neutral, just slightly anxious. All of today I've had on and off anxiousness, when I'm occupied I'm fine, down time is when I'm anxious. Been going to the gym, eating well and I plan to never do a substance again in my life. Have a party tomorrow and I want to see if my anxiety will stretch socially where it never was before. Any piece of mind from individuals here would be appreciated. Thank you for reading
  18. Am I the only one that has really bad static when they wake up? I'll wake up from sleeping, walk out my room to a lit kitchen and everything be grey white and black for a like 30 seconds. It's really bad, in a dark room it's just all static.
  19. VSS

    For me when I wake up my static is awful, it's almost like actual static on a tv. Only when I wake up though, in the day my symptoms aren't bad. Just static, imprints and a bit of dp. Nothing too bad, been sober for 3 months and 3 weeks now. It feels good but its overwhelming to never have a moment of no mental chatter. Just wanted to ask how bad people's vss is
  20. CBD

    I was thinking about this also, I would love to try some cbd and see how I feel
  21. Thc content and laced shit could be the culprit. @TheMythos
  22. When I first wake up my static is strong, but not blinding. For me I box and I think about it when I'm about to fall asleep. Right when I'm on the line of unconscious and conscience I'll throw a punch or spas. It's just recently started happening so idk. I feel like a hypochondriac sometimes.
  23. I have trouble staying asleep if I'm not exhausted, if I am I sleep a long time. But if I'm just tired I'll sleep a few hours then can't fall back to sleep. Shit sucks >,<. Example: right now, awake at 2am on a school night.
  24. How many of you right before falling asleep you'll move in a motion that'll be related to a dream.? For me I box, and I think about my jab. Then I'm in a dream like state and ill throw I jab, like a small move of my hand.
  25. i haven't changed my diet, just doing exercise. my symptoms have been the same since june 2nd. maybe a little worse idk.